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WordPress Speed Optimization Load-In 0.3S For Non Techies

WordPress Speed Optimization | Load-In 0.3S For Non Techies

Last updated 10/2020
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No Coding Skills Required | Live Training | Load Your Website In 300 Milliseconds Within 3 Hours | Faster Than Google

What you'll learn
Why you've been lied to - 80% performance comes from server setup 20% from all the fiddly BS optimisations
How to massively optimize your wordpress site without heavy coding
3 Hours or less to 0.3 loading speed - create a ‘faster than Google homepage’ website
Why VPSs are the way the web industry is going and why you need to move
How to get reliability of your website’s speed and no longer suffer the dreaded slow speeds during peak times
Insider secrets: I will show a free content delivery network and show you how to configure it to block bad bots and increase speed
Insider secrets: The ultimate hosting environment to use for just $6 a month
Insider secrets: How to setup and migrate your website to a VPS the easiest way with no downtime on your site
Insider secrets: I will reveal the best caching plugin and the exact settings I use
Insider secrets: How to manage your VPS with an up and coming server manager for free
How to give your website the SSL padlock for SEO gains within 15 minutes
A wordpress website you want to take action on to dramatically increase the website speed performance
Watch me in this live action-originated training as I optimize the speed of my clients website to load in just 300ms!No Nonsense Guide To Speed Optimization of your WordPress website so that it loads faster than Google's homepage.80% of speed optimization techniques talked about offer just 20% of the performance gains, most techniques are very time consuming and fiddly. For every hour spent learning the technique chances are you will spend another 3 hours implementing it on a single site.In this follow along step by step live training I will show you the 20% of speed optimizations that will give you 80% of the real speed increases. I will show you how you can do this with any WordPress site within 3 hours, from start to finish, and when you get good at it, you’ll be able todo it to every site in less than an hour.Takes less than 3 hours to optimise your own website from start to finish.Learn the future of hosting and how to jump on years before it's time.Watch your client byte your hand off for the SSL padlock and faster than Google performance for an extra £10+ a month.How to separate hardware from your hosting support for maximum performance and most importantly consistent reliable speeds.Learn how expert web developers migrate quickly and with zero downtime for your clients.I run a web agency in the UK, I know that time is money, I do not have time to be messing about combing through minuscule details on a website to see little reward. This guide was built for my staff to follow, to offer me the biggest gains with the least amount of effort and with minimum cost, I also made this guide as the last speed optimization course you will ever need to do for your website EVER again.I created the ‘Faster Than Google’ slogan, because I was tired of Google punishing my website’s SEO because of the slow loading response, so I set out to be determined to beat Google at their own game. I wanted to punch google in the face and say is that fast enough for ya! The only way I could do that was by having my fully-fledged wordpress website load faster than Google’s homepage despite it only having a minimalist Simple Simple search bar.In this course I will show you how that was achieved, this training is years in the making and only until recently has all the technology become available at such an affordable price so now everyone can have a website that is Faster Than Google.

Who this course is for
SEO Professionals,Web Designers,Web Agency Owners,Webmaster,Marketing Consultants


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