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WordPress Plugin Development For Beginners

WordPress Plugin Development For Beginners

Published 7/2022
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Start Your Work with WordPress and Create Your 1st Plugin Today!
What you'll learn
Operate one's own WordPress workspace
Operate Sublime Text for PHP encoding
Manage downloaded PHP plugins in the WordPress Platform
Create one's own simple plugins for WordPress
No initial skills are required
The 30 minute beginner course consisting of 5 videos and reference materials demonstrates how to install and use the software to develop plugins for the WordPress Platform. Additionally, the course introduces the bases of programming in PHP language. The course materials are especially useful for people without a prior experience with the WordPress Platform and PHP language."The WordPress Plugin Development for the Beginners" offers you the first 5 Steps for a perfect start:1. How to use Open Server to Work with the WordPress Platform.2. Get Access to Your WordPress Space!3. How to Launch Plugins in WordPress.4. Create your First PHP Plugin for 5 minutes: Sublime Text and WordPress.5. The Best Tips to Master PHP.Each video also contains attachments in a form of useful files and links, which are intended to help students to use WordPress more efficiently and assist them in learning PHP language. The videos demonstrates screen recording of the installation, registration and encoding processes, accompanied by the lecturer's comments and image in the corner of the screen. The videos present materials in an informal style popular among young people and are accompanied by the background music, which facilitates the perception of the content.
Section 1: WordPress Plugin Development for Beginners: 5 Steps for a Perfect Start
Lecture 1 Intro and main course content: know what this course contribute to your skills
Lecture 2 Use Open Server to Work with WordPress. How to Get Started
Lecture 3 Get Access to Your WordPress Space! Step-by-step Registration
Lecture 4 How to Launch Plugins in WordPress
Lecture 5 Create Your First PHP Plugin for WordPress in 5 Minutes
Lecture 6 The Bulletproof Strategy to Learn PHP. What Do You Need Before Start
The beginner students interested in web development


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