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WordPress Aliexpress Dropshipping Masterclass

WordPress Aliexpress Dropshipping Masterclass

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Run Your business : Build your Professional ecommerce dropshipping store using wordpress, woocommerce & Aliexpress

What you'll learn
you will have your online dropshipping store up & running in professional & awesome design
& your own online business ready to roll
how to manage your wordpress dropshipping website
how to build your email list
how to research potential winning products
running facebook ads to promote your products & business
wordpress website customization
No technical experience needed
No wordpress web development or coding experience needed
To build a professional ecommerce store we will need hosting plan to host our website & a premium theme
Worpdress Aliexpress Dropshipping MasterClass is all about giving you an opportunity to be free living your life & running your own busineess from anywhere.if you feel that this corporate lifestyle is sucking your life or your time is not yours anymore working at 9-5 job that doesn’t pay you enough or give you the freedom to enjoy your life?This Dropshipping course is offering you an amazing business solution to run your business from anywhere in the world on your laptop.which could be a nice side income at the beginning that develops into a full income later.How It works?It's so simple, yet a very powerful business model that allows you to sell products without actually even holding any inventory or products. This means that without any costly investment, Simply you will put these products on your wordpress website then once you make sales you buy these products from Aliexpress & they will even ship it to your customers. You keep the difference in price, earning yourself a nice profit in the process !What are the best features?1- Since you do not have a physical store, or products. you can run your online store from anywhere in the world.All you need is your computer, then you can build your profitable dropshipping business and work from wherever you desire.2- there is almost no restrictions on how much you can earn if you know what you are doing. This might start as a side income or you might get very high profits easily exceeding 10K monthly in a short time.Do i need any previous experience?Not at all, This wordpress dropshipping course will be teaching you how to build your wordpress ecommerce store from scratch teaching you the details about building wordpress ecommerce websites, importing your products & running your facebook ads to promote your online store.What Makes this course so special?Simply because its all about the details and looking professional when it comes to online stores.This course really focuses on building a really beautiful & professional from a professional designer store unlike most dropshipping websites.Thats why this course includes 6 courses in one :1- wordpress management (you will learn wordpress details that makes you run your store like a pro confidently.) (No coding required)2- WordPress web design principles & rules3- Building email list to maintain that long term relationship with customers & promote products4- WordPress ecommerce stores & dropshipping details from Ali express5- product researching to find your winning product 6- facebook adverting 2019 strategies7- Optimizing wordpress dropshipping website for better performance, SEO, getting official emails, wordpress site back up & security.Why WordPress is better than Shopify?Wordpress is what we will use to build our website and shopify is what many dropshippers use and here i will go through the main advantages of using wordpress over shopify:You can host your WooCommerce store for a cheaper cost yearly depends on hosting plan as compared to Shopify’s $29/month.full control of your dropshipping store as you own your dropshipping store in wordpress while in shopify you don'tYou can build multiple websites within your plan. Whereas you would pay $58 on Shopify because it hosts only one website for $29.WooCommerce has more than 50,000 plugins, most of which have a lite version that is free for lifetime. Shopify has only 1200 Apps which come with a 7 or 15 day trial.You will find hundreds of WooCommerce themes on the internet, a few hundred of which would be free. Shopify has 100 themes total, only 7 of which are free themes. The rest will cost you between $80-$160.WooCommerce has plugins like VisualComposer to customize the look of your dropshipping website using a drag and drop builder. Shopify simply doesn't allow you to customize the look and feel of your dropshipping store to that extent, even after spending $100 on the theme.Without sales, your store is dead. 95% Shopify dropshipping stores fail within a month of their launch. WooCommerce is much more SEO friendly because it runs on top of WordPress, the largest CMS platform. WordPress the top choice for bloggers.38% online stores are built using WooCommerce and 8% online stores are built using Shopify.Enroll Now & Let's build our dropshipping store together !Best,Khalil Ibrahim



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