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Web App From Scratch – Html5, Css3, Php & Mysql

Web App From Scratch - Html5, Css3, Php & Mysql

Last updated 6/2022
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What you'll learn
Building responsive real-world website with HTML5 & CSS3
Create a hotel reservation web app from scratch with admin panel
Learn to Create CMS (Content Management System) using PHP & MySQL
Best and most used SQL queries
PHP from scratch
Working with database
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Taste to learn 🙂
In this course, you will be able to learn how to use PHP & MySQL to create any project that you would like to. The course covers basics and advanced functions in PHP and also SQL queries such as select / display, update, delete, and so many useful functions. A hotel reservation system is created for the purpose of an example so that you can create your own project after you take this course.You will learn basics and advance PHP such as: data types, strings, functions, loops, arrays, OOP (Object-Oriented Programming). And also best MySQL queries such as: (CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete), wildcards, subqueries, connecting more tables together, working with dates, and many more operations for data manipulation in any database) that will help you creating big real-world web application. At the end, you will be able to connect your MySQL database with PHP to create your big projects.Designing, front-end development is very important, this is what the users/customers see, so create beautiful things for the world. We tried to have only HTML & CSS in this course in order to prevent having confusion by learning so many things at once - Take your time, practice, and get ready for more. Avoid having too much information on too many technologies, they are all very nice and useful things to learn and build great apps.All the best with learning!


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