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The Portrait Masters – Painterly Portraits Bundle by Richard Wood

The Portrait Masters – Painterly Portraits Bundle by Richard Wood

Award-winning creative & illustrative portrait photographer, Richard Wood, is back with a series on creating profound, soulful and timeless portraits to be cherished by your clients for generations to come. Painterly Portraits is all about contemporary portraiture crafted in the style of the old masters. So what is the secret to Richard’s award-winning images? Light!
In this extensive series, Richard shows you how to set up and achieve his 6 signature lighting setups to produce that moody Rembrandt-style look.

1. One light Rembrandt
2. Two light Rembrandt
3. Two light bonnet style
4. Combination of Rembrandt and bonnet
5. Small modifier Rembrandt
6. Natural light Rembrandt

Adding grain sensibly
Adding texture
Color and tone grading
Desing elements
Detalil enhancements - Ultimate detail
Dodge and Burn - Curves
Dodge and Burn - Saturation adjusments
Dodge and Burn - Speed method
Eye enhancement
Shadow control
Shape Adjusments - Hair and clothing
Simply skin
Skin smoothing - Frequency separation
Skin smoothing - Separation simple
Vignettes - Leading the eye

Highlight control
Sharpening for effects
Detail enhancements - Painterly effect
Detail enhancements - Corrective detail


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