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The Neuroscience Training Summit 2017

Sounds True – The Neuroscience Training Summit 2017  1.63 GB

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Over the last few decades, powerful discoveries in the field of neuroscience have transformed such diverse fields as psychotherapy and medical care, education, parenting, intimate relationships, business and leadership, and even spiritual development. In many instances, neuroscience has provided the “missing key” that has helped us unlock greater understanding, intimacy, health, and well-being.

For many non-scientists, however, getting to the core of this newly discovered wisdom is no easy task. It is difficult to know where to even start. Sounds True would like to help.

“Neurons that fire together wire together. Mental states become neural traits. Day after day, your mind is building your brain.”
Rick Hanson, PhD
image: photo of Rick Hanson
We are excited to announce the launch of The Neuroscience Training Summit 2017, with a whole new array of presenters, teachers, authors, and experts in the field, who are committed to helping you to apply these revolutionary discoveries in your life, whether you have a scientific background or not. Not only will you learn the latest theory and research, but it will be presented in a way that is designed for practical application, where you can use these discoveries to make changes in how you live, love, and learn.

I was amazed last year-as part our of 2016 summit-to receive so many letters from participants around the world who shared how they had benefitted from the series, and how immensely practical they found the teachings to be. Whether you are looking transform a stuck relationship, have more energy and clarity to accomplish your goals, break an old habit, begin to heal old trauma, or open to greater spiritual awareness, this all-new series has been designed with you in mind.

To go even deeper with this wealth of information, we’re offering a special upgrade package that gives you lifetime access to the teaching sessions of each presenter and much more.

Thank you for signing up. I hope you find immediate value and lasting inspiration as you join us for The Neuroscience Training Summit 2017.

photo of Tami Simon
Tami Simon
Founder of Sounds True
Neuroscience brings together the scientific study of the brain and nervous system with meditation, mindfulness, psychotherapy, and spirituality. In doing so, it is revolutionizing our understanding of personal growth and self-actualization. The insights you’ll discover during this summit will empower you to:

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Get Healthy
Use your brain to strengthen your immune system, boost willpower, and enhance performance.
Create New Habits
Reshape your neural pathways with positive intentions to create healthy habits that last.
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Cultivate Joy
Teach your brain to become more flexible, creative, and joyful.
person meditating
Develop Resilience
Build neural shock absorbers for more a more stable sense of inner peace in tumultuous times.
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Grow Compassion
Transform criticism into compassion as you deepen your understanding of human nature.
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Change Your Brain
Explore new research that proves it’s never too late to change your brain-and your life.
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Here is everything you will receive in
The Neuroscience Training Summit 2017 package
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Digital Session Recordings: Over 20 hours of neuroscience trainings, interviews, and Q&A sessions
icon: number two
Transcripts of All the Talks
icon: number three
Downloadable Presentation Materials and Additional Resources
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Bonus #1: Kelly McGonigal’s complete online course, Choose to Change: Six Weeks to Take Charge of Your Habits, Goals, and Emotional Patterns. Six hours of video sessions
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Bonus #2: Gifts from all 20 presenters, including even more teachings, articles, and practical information
When you attend, you’ll also have the option to earn 30 CE credits for an additional cost.

Event Schedule
Mon Mar 20
10:00 AM MDT Rick Hanson, PhD
The “Green Zone” Brain

Mon Mar 20
5:00 PM MDT Lisa Wimberger, MEd
Using Neuroscience to Find Healing and Happiness

Tue Mar 21
10:00 AM MDT Kelly McGonigal, PhD
The Neuroscience of Change

Tue Mar 21
5:00 PM MDT Ron Siegel, PsyD
The Neurobiology of Mindfulness: Practical Applications of the New Science

Wed Mar 22
10:00 AM MDT Stephen Porges, PhD
Connectedness as a Biological Imperative

Wed Mar 22
5:00 PM MDT Peter Levine, PhD
Trauma and Memory, Brain and Body in a Search for the Living Past

Thu Mar 23
10:00 AM MDT Dan Siegel, MD
Mind: A Journey to the Heart of Being Human

Thu Mar 23
5:00 PM MDT Alexandra Katehakis, MFT
Sex Addiction as Affect Dysregulation: A Neurobiologically Informed Holistic Treatment

Fri Mar 24
10:00 AM MDT Elisha Goldstein, PhD
Uncovering Happiness: The Psychology and Neuroscience of Personal Transformation

Fri Mar 24
5:00 PM MDT James Doty, PhD
The Power of Compassion to Change Lives

Sat Mar 25
10:00 AM MDT Catherine Pittman, PhD
Rewire Your Anxious Brain: Strategies for Resisting Anxiety in the Brain

Sat Mar 25
5:00 PM MDT Louann Brizendine, MD
What We Know About the Female and the Male Brain

Sun Mar 26
10:00 AM MDT Loch Kelly, MDIV, LCSW
How to Train Your Brain to Live an Awakened Life

Sun Mar 26
5:00 PM MDT Linda Graham, MFT
The Neuroscience of Post-Traumatic Growth

Mon Mar 27
10:00 AM MDT Mona Fishbane, PhD
Loving with the Brain in Mind: Nurturing Intimacy in Long-Term Relationships

Mon Mar 27
5:00 PM MDT Daniel Amen, MD
The Brain Warrior’s Way

Tue Mar 28
10:00 AM MDT Janina Fisher, PhD
Working with the Neurobiological Legacy of Trauma

Tue Mar 28
5:00 PM MDT Joe Dispenza, DC
Becoming Supernatural: How Common People Are Doing the Uncommon

Wed Mar 29
10:00 AM MDT Eben Alexander, MD and Karen Newell
The Brain’s Role in Filtering Conscious Awareness

Wed Mar 29
5:00 PM MDT John Arden, PhD
Mind-Brain Gene: The Integration of Psychotherapy

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