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The Complete Guide To Editorial Food Photography & Photoshop Retouching

The Complete Guide To Editorial Food Photography & Photoshop Retouching

DVDRip | MP4 + Project files | English | 1920 x 1080 | AVC ~4344 kbps | 24 fps
AAC | 132 Kbps | 48.0 KHz | 2 channels | 16:01:33 | 21.73 GB
Genre: Video Tutorial / Photographing

The Complete Guide to Editorial Food Photography is the most comprehensive tutorial available anywhere. The 17 hours of content will guide you through gear selection, understanding shape & form, creating a sense of place & time, basic food styling techniques, in-studio portfolio work, and location assignments, along with marketing and pricing strategies for food photography. The documentary serves as a guide for the entire process involved with the business and is filled with industry standard best practices.


Chapter 01 Getting Started
01-01-Meet Rob Grimm.mp4
01-02-Introduction to the Tutorial.mp4
01-03-Gear, Tools and Essentials.mp4
01-04-Playing with Your Food.mp4
Chapter 02 Delicious Natural Light
02-05-Delicious Natural Light Part 1.mp4
02-06-Delicious Natural Light Part 2.mp4
02-07-Delicious Natural Light Part 3.mp4
02-08-Retouching Cookies.mp4
02-09-Retouching Cinnamon Twists.mp4
Chapter 03 Getting Figgy With It
03-10-Getting Figgy With It 1.mp4
03-11-Getting Figgy With It 2.mp4
03-12-Getting Figgy With It 3.mp4
03-13-Getting Figgy With It 4.mp4
03-14-Retouching Figs.mp4
Chapter 04 Strobes, Sprouts, & Styling Kits
04-15-Three Ways to Light a Sprout Part 1.mp4
04-16-Three Ways to Light a Sprout Part 2.mp4
04-17-Three Ways to Light a Sprout Part 3.mp4
04-18-Three Ways to Light a Sprout Part 4.mp4
04-19-Retouching Brussels Sprouts.mp4
04-20-Building Your Food Styling Kit.mp4
Chapter 05A On Location Death In The Afternoon Photo Shoots
05-21-Death in the Afternoon Part 1.mp4
05-22-Death in the Afternoon Part 2.mp4
05-23-Death in the Afternoon Part 3.mp4
Chapter 05B On Location Death In The Afternoon Retouching
05-24-Death In the Afternoon Retouching Beef Salad.mp4
05-25-Death In The Afternoon Turnup Ramen Retouching.mp4
05-26-Death In The Afternoon Sticky Bun Retouching.mp4
Chapter 06 On Location Blood And Sand
06-27-Blood and Sand Part 1.mp4
06-28-Blood and Sand Part 2.mp4
06-29-Blood and Sand Part 3.mp4
06-30-Retouching Blood Orange Pasta.mp4
Chapter 07A On Location at Small Batch
07-31-Small Batch 1.mp4
07-32-Small Batch 2.mp4
07-33-Small Batch 3.mp4
Chapter 07B On Location at Small Batch
07-34-Risotto Balls Retouching.mp4
07-35-Small Batch Couch Retouching.mp4
07-36-Small Batch Tuna Bowl Retouching.mp4
07-37-Retouching Salmon.mp4
07-38-Asparagus Salad.mp4
Chapter 08 Industry Interviews
08-39-Greg Rannells Industry Interview.mp4
08-40-Jennifer Silverman Industry Interview.mp4
Chapter 09 Caprese
09-41-Caprese 1.mp4
09-42-Caprese 2.mp4
09-43-Caprese Retouching.mp4
Chapter 10 Leafy Greens
10-44-Leafy Greens 1.mp4
10-45-Leafy Greens 2.mp4
10-46-Leafy Greens Retouching 1.mp4
10-47-Leafy Greens Retouching 2.mp4
Chapter 11-Say Cheese
11-48-Say Cheese Part 1.mp4
11-49-Say Cheese Part 2.mp4
11-50-Say Cheese Part 3.mp4
11-51-Retouching Cheese.mp4
Interactive iBook & PDF
The CompleteGuide to Editorial Food Photography.ibooks
The Complete Guide to Editorial Food Photography.pdf
Pricing & Marketing With Rob Grimm.mp3
Raw Practice Files
02-Delicious Natural Light
Cinnamon Twists
RGG_EDU_Practice Files-3.CR2
RGG_EDU_Practice Files-4.CR2
RGG_EDU_Practice Files-1.CR2
RGG_EDU_Practice Files-2.CR2
03-Getting Figgy With It
RGG_EDU_Practice Files-10.CR2
RGG_EDU_Practice Files-8.CR2
RGG_EDU_Practice Files-9.CR2
04-Brussel Sprouts
RGG_EDU_Practice Files-5.CR2
RGG_EDU_Practice Files-6.CR2
05-Beef Salead
RGG_EDU_Practice Files-33.CR2
RGG_EDU_Practice Files-34.CR2
RGG_EDU_Practice Files-35.CR2
RGG_EDU_Practice Files-36.CR2
05-Sticky Buns
RGG_EDU_Practice Files-39.CR2
RGG_EDU_Practice Files-40.CR2
05-Turnup Ramen
RGG_EDU_Practice Files-37.CR2
RGG_EDU_Practice Files-38.CR2
06-Blood Orange Pasta
RGG_EDU_Practice Files-7.CR2
07-Rissotto Balls
RGG_EDU_Practice Files-24.CR2
07-Small Batch Asparagus
RGG_EDU_Practice Files-22.CR2
07-Small Batch Couch
RGG_EDU_Practice Files-23.CR2
07-Small Batch Salmon
RGG_EDU_Practice Files-19.CR2
RGG_EDU_Practice Files-20.CR2
RGG_EDU_Practice Files-21.CR2
07-Tuna Salad
RGG_EDU_Practice Files-25.CR2
10-Leafy Greens
RGG_EDU_Practice Files-11.CR2
RGG_EDU_Practice Files-12.CR2
RGG_EDU_Practice Files-13.CR2
RGG_EDU_Practice Files-14.CR2
RGG_EDU_Practice Files-15.CR2
RGG_EDU_Practice Files-16.CR2
RGG_EDU_Practice Files-17.CR2
RGG_EDU_Practice Files-18.CR2
11-Blue Cheese Exports
RGG_EDU_Practice Files-26.tif
RGG_EDU_Practice Files-27.tif
RGG_EDU_Practice Files-28.tif
RGG_EDU_Practice Files-29.tif
RGG_EDU_Practice Files-30.tif
RGG_EDU_Practice Files-31.tif
RGG_EDU_Practice Files-32.tif


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