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Spencer Haws – Long Tail University

Spencer Haws - Long Tail University

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Start Uncovering Hidden Long Tail Keywords that Can Open the Flood Gates to Google Traffic without All the Link Building...
I've NEVER Released These Closely-Guarded Secrets to Anyone...

Hey there, my name is Spencer Haws, creator of Long Tail University.

If you are ready to take advantage of long tail keywords to generate free traffic to your website, then you've come to the right place!

Long Tail University is a system that has been battle-tested dozens of times by my team and hundreds of times by my students, readers, and fellow marketers. This is the EXACT system I've used to find profitable keywords across all my businesses. And it's worked for me for years.

Yes, I've used the in-depth strategies taught in Long Tail University for finding powerful and easy to rank for keywords to build a six-figure niche site empire; however, that's not what this course is all about. This goes way beyond small niche sites. I've also used these tactics to build loads of free traffic to my other businesses as well; including, and Long Tail Pro.

So, no matter what type of online business you have or want to build; niche sites, authority blogs (like Niche Pursuits), or a product business (like Long Tail Pro)...Long Tail University is going to give you the content strategies you need.

When you complete the in-depth training inside Long Tail University, you will be a keyword research guru!

Here's what you'll get after going through the training:

- Confidence: No more guessing, "Is this a keyword I should go after?"
- Knowledge: You will have a full arsenal for finding and analyzing keywords like never before.
- Easier: Uncover easy-to-rank for keywords; even in markets that you thought were difficult.
- Save Time: You won't have to waste all your time putting loads of effort into keywords that you never should have been going after in the first place.
- Increase Profits: At the core of everything you will learn are the skills to take your business to higher profitability through increase traffic and earnings with your website.
- Literally 1,000 - 4,000 free visitors to your site, each and every day!

I'm talking about traffic SPIKES. that STICK.

I'm talking about overlooked EASY FIXES that can set your traffic curve on a collision course with your MOST SUCCESSFUL competitors... and beyond.

Inside of Long Tail University, I walk you through our exact step-by-step process for picking winning keywords to target and turn them into massive amounts of STEADY, LONG-TERM traffic in the search engines.

Here is a breakdown of the curriculum:

Introduction To Keyword Research

For anyone who is brand new to Search Engine Optimization, Spencer provides an introduction as to why keyword research is the foundation for ranking any website or page in the search results.

He goes through all of the flaws and things most people overlook when conducting keyword research.

Lesson 1 - Types of Keywords

This module uncovers the different types of keywords that people use to find your site.
There is a major difference between a person with browsing intent and buyer intent, which Spencer will break down and show you how to focus on the keywords and phrases that will lead to SALES.

Lesson 2 - How to Find Seed Keywords

Finding your seed keywords, allows you to expand and find literally hundreds or thousands of long-tail keywords, which is where the GOLD is found.

Watch Spencer as he walks through how he find different "pockets" in the market, of seed keywords - which helps in structuring his website and content creation.

Lesson 3 - How to Expand Seed Keywords

Long-tail keywords are the bread and button of your SEO strategy. Tapping into medium volume, low competition keywords over time can bring you tens of hundreds of thousands of unique visitors to your site each month!

Spencer does a live walkthrough of how he can find thousands of keywords that are highly relevant and targeting.

Lesson 4 - Criteria of a Winning Keyword

In this lesson, Spencer will breakdown what criteria you should analyze to ensure if a keyword is worth perusing or if its not worth your energy to go after.

This training alone has save his private students countless amounts of time, money and resources - confirming that when they do target a keyword, they can absolutely dominate it and reap the benefits!

Lesson 5 - How to Analyze Your Competition

Understanding the landscape of your competition in the results is equally as important as what keywords you target.

Spencer will walk through how he goes about quickly analyzing the competition at the top of the results and how you can see in a matter of seconds how hard or easy it will be to rank above them.

He also will uncover with Google X-ray vision, what factors Google is looking at to rank each site and how you can piggyback of their successes.

Lesson 6 - Competitor Keywords & SEM Rush

Want to see behind the curtain of some of your top competitors SEO strategies? Spencer will show you how to use SEM Rush to uncover profitable keywords your competition is going after and how you can ethically steal that traffic from them!

Lesson 7 - Developing a Content Strategy

Without content, your SEO strategy can only go so far, which is why Spencer goes into detail on how to develop a content strategy that can work for ANY budget or business size.

Spencer shows some shortcuts for how you can create content quickly and have it optimized properly to get the most out of each page/post.

Lesson 8 - How to Write Great Content Based On Keywords

In this lesson, learn the advanced tactics for how to strategically place keywords throughout your content - which the search engines are looking at

Lesson 9 - WordPress Settings & On-Page SEO

With over 80 million sites using WordPress to power their site and blog, Spencer shows which plugins and tweaks he makes to his WordPress installs to maximize them for Search Engines.

Also learn the On-Page SEO checklist that Spencer goes through to help deliver sometimes organic traffic in literally 24 hours!

Lesson 10 - Keyword Tracking and ROI

Not all keywords are created equal.



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