SMB – DNA of Successful Trading 2022

SMB – DNA of Successful Trading 2022

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Product Details Our mission for this training is to help mentor students to become skilled traders.
The founding partners of SMB believe that it is important to have a structured mentoring program focused on “skill development”, whereas most mentoring programs simply offer a series of technical setups, which is not sufficient to develop consistently profitable traders.
We put traders into a position to compete in the market by clearly laying out the set of skills which need to be developed.
The DNA of Successful Trading is taught using in-depth lectures that give you the domain knowledge of trading principles that actually matter, exercises that are designed to translate the concepts into any learning style, and weekly group mentoring sessions to use current market examples and show how the concepts are playing out right now.

Course Schedule 14 On-Demand Modules

  • Module 1: Stock Selection and Game Plan
  • Module 2: The Seven Fundamentals of One Good Trade
  • Module 3: Risk Management
  • Module 4: The SMB PlayBook
  • Module 5: Trade Review
  • Module 6: Best Trades To Develop
  • Module 7: Price Action Analysis
  • Module 8: Trading Psychology
  • Module 9: PlayBook Trades
  • Module 10: The Report Card
  • Module 11: Trading Consistency
  • Module 12: Sizing
  • Module 13: Trading a Live Account
  • Module 14: Reading the Tape examples
  • Bonus: Ten Lessons From The Trading Desk
  • Bonus II: Six Essential Trading Lessons from Top Traders You Need to Learn
  • Bonus III: Automated Trading with Andrew Falde

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