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Sharon Gutierrez – Facebook Ads Visibility & Momentum

Sharon Gutierrez – Facebook Ads Visibility & Momentum

What You Get:
Module 1:
– Know your business
– Understanding Your Audience
– Setting Goals for ads
– What can visibility get you?
– Building momentum

Module 2:
– Personal page versus business page
– How to optimize social sites for branding and SEO
– Setting clear call to action
– How to track progress

Module 3:
– Business manager introduction
– Benefits of business manager
– Setting up business manager
– Instagram vs Facebook vs Audience network
– Adding users to manager
– Adding billing into to business manager
– Beginner to advanced analytics

Module 4:
– Ad fundamentals
– Understanding captivating copy
– Understanding quality graphics
– Terms Of Service
– 30 ways not to get your ad denied
– What happens if your ad is denied
– What makes an ad ‘good’, ‘better’, ‘best’

Module 5:
– Understanding ad objectives
– Split Testing for audiences
– Four types of ads covered in this course: Retargeting, brand awareness, growth, traffic,

Module 6:
– Complete walkthrough of a page growth ad, start to finish

Module 7:
– Complete walkthrough of a traffic ad, start to finish

Module 8:
– Complete walkthrough of a brand awareness ad, start to finish

Module 9:
– Introduction to pixels
– Installing a pixel
– How to reach FB support
– Complete walkthrough of a retargeting ad growth ad, start to finish

Module 10:
– Congrats! You finished. now what?
– Evaluating ad results
– What a ‘funnel’ really is
– The end of ‘bro’ marketing
– Summary of advanced types of ads

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