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SEO Mastery – Search Engine Optimisation- Complete Training

SEO Mastery - Search Engine Optimisation- Complete Training

Created by Digital Dany | Published 2/2021
Duration: 2 hours | 3 sections | 12 lectures | Video: 1280x720, 44 KHz | 1.1 GB
Genre: eLearning | Language: English + Sub

Learn Best SEO Tips and Tricks and Increase the Traffic 2x

What you'll learn
What is SEO?
How to Master the Search Engine Optimisation?
What is Short Tail Key Word and Long Tail KeyWord?
How can Increase the Traffic by 2x ?
How to do keyword Research?
Why Google Search Engine and what is the market of Google Search Engine?
What is Google Instant Search?
What is the Future of Google Search engine?

Mobile with Internet Connection is Enough
In this Course, I will be Sharing my knowledge  Through Video.
SEO is One of the Most Important Thing You should and Must do it to Your website. By Doing Proper SEO Your Articles will be Showing on the Top of Google Search Engine. There are more than 200+ Things.You have to Do for SEO. But, IF 20 Steps also You can Easily Rank Your Article on the Top of the Google Search engine. I will be Sharing You Tips and Tricks If You Apply These Tricks and Tips to Your website Your Article will Easily be rank Top of Google search Engine.
        I will be Sharing which are the Best Tools for Proper Keyword research. How to choose Right Title for Your Blog Post.I will Be Telling You Which are the Best Plugins Must Install. It is Most Used Plugins. Used by all Top  Bloggers. How to Customise Your Url Which should be SEO Friendly. How to submit Url to the Google Search Console. How Many Word Should you write while Posting. How to Optimise Your Image. How to Add Backlinks Properly.
What You will Learn? :-
what is SEO?
Why SEO is Important for your Website?
What is the Difference between Short tail Keyword and Long Tail keyword?
How to Place a long Tail Keyword?
what are the best tools which is Used to find a right Keyword?
Who this course is for:BloggerBusiness ownersSearch Engine Optimization Beginners / ExpertsWebsite Creaters who want to rank the Post on Google search engine as Pos. #1Help to Build SEO friendly Website



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