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Scott Young – Learn More & Study Less

Scott Young - Learn More & Study Less | 17.45 GB

What if I told you everything you know about how to learn, study and succeed in school was wrong?
If you learn like most people, it probably is.

Would you like to learn faster?
Remember everything you read?
Learn a new language in months?
Get great grades with less studying time than youre spending now?
Read on, because Im going to teach you how.

Whats in the Course?
Wondering whats inside? Watch this short clip where I give a walkthrough, explaining exactly whats inside the course.
When you sign up, you get the full course lectures, all broken down into short videos so theyre easy to watch when youre on the go. These cover every major idea Ive developed and uncovered for learning faster.
You also get access to the original book, Learn More, Study Less. This book has been read thousands of times. It comes with Kindle and eDocument formats.

Finally you get a ton of bonus content:
- All bonus sessions with Benny Lewis, Cal Newport, Kalid Azad and Liam Martin (including archived sessions with Benny and Kalid). These are full video sessions along with transcripts.
- Case study booklet. This has full write ups of how six learners used the techniques to learn more. Included is also detailed examples and explanations of how they used the techniques exactly, in their own words.
- Worksheets and self-education resources. These are great to help you practice the techniques and give you access to additional free tools from around the internet that can help you succeed in your learning goals.
- The complete archived video course. Access the entire previous edition of the course, which adds more examples, explanations and walkthroughs.


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