Ryan Stewman – Break Free Academy

Ryan Stewman – Break Free Academy

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Discover the guaranteed fastest way to break past the six-figures per year ceiling and have a pipeline bursting with leads who WANT to buy what youre selling (without EVER making a SINGLE cold call)

What Would You Pay To Sneak Into The Closed Door Meeting And Eavesdrop On The No Holds Barred Discussions Of Arguably The Most Elite And Extraordinary Salesmen Ever Assembled In One Place, At One Time?

Dear Friend,
Have you ever wanted to have fresh, qualified leads flooding your inbox
begging to be closed?
The truth is, you dont need to cold call or do anything like that ever again unless you want to.
You see, thousands of folks just like you are automating their prospecting and marketing
letting them spend more time on more important things.
Things like closing deals and hanging out with family.

The days of working the phone for hours hoping to find someone interested in your product or service are over.

A lot of sales people have a day that looks something like this
You wake up, get ready for work sometimes eat breakfast and once you get to the office, your job is to fill up your pipeline, follow up with past leads and close some damn sales.

When you finish work, you go to your car, drive to your house
pull into your driveway and many times, feel exhausted and relieved to finally be home.
Then, when you walk into your house, you plop down on the couch, flip on the TV and realize that you didnt make your numbers today
so that means if you dont make up for it tomorrow

your check isnt going to be very nice.
Look your life DOESNT have to be that way.
Even if youre a top-dog closer whos shutting down deals all the time.
Chances are high that youre putting in at least 7X more time and effort than you need to.

Yep there is an easier way
A way that gets you MAXIMUM results in MINIMUM time.

In fact, with the internet becoming more and more popular for sales people, knowing how to leverage it for your benefit is incredibly important.
Actually its critical to your success.
Listen the 1 BIGGEST problem sales people have is generating leads.

See, were (hopefully) great at closing deals and following up with prospects but when it comes to filling up your pipeline with literally THOUSANDS of leads

thats a skill.
Its a skill which can be shown, mastered and duplicated.
You dont need to be a technical wizard to get these leads.
You just need to follow the same steps myself and thousands of other folks use to fill our pipelines to the top.
The best part is
You can fill your pipeline even while you sleep!
Pretty awesome, isnt it?
Of course it is!
And listen, this isnt hype none sense that a lot of other gurus use to try and sell you a magic pill.
Its a proven science that like I said earlier can be duplicated.
I know what its like to be in the trenches making deals happen and closing sales.

I also know what its like to struggle.
And let me tell you it doesnt have to be that way.
You dont need to HATE prospecting.
You just need to know how to automate it.
Youre on this page because you want to increase sales, generate leads on autopilot and surround yourself with lions who know shut down deals and get paid.
Am I right?
If thats true, then youre in the right place and in just a second Ill explain why.
It was actually good business sense on his end
He got cheap labor to mow yards at his 5 locations, he got to occupy me so hes not worried about me causing trouble, and I got to learn the value of earning a dollar.
My step dad quickly recognized the hard work gene in me.
It wasnt long before I was mowing the yards
And vacuuming cars as they came in.

As I got faster and faster at vacuuming, my step dad would pick me up more often to go to work.
At 10 years old, I felt what it was like to be in college.
I went to school full time and worked 20 hours per week at the car wash.
And since I didnt speak Spanish, I had no clue what the dudes at the car wash were saying.
So I just worked
Most days I was the only white dude on the job.
Even more than that, I was the only one on the job who spoke English!
I soon fixed the language barrier by learning Spanish.
Frankly, it was the only class I paid attention in when I was in 7th grade.

Turns out, being bilingual was a MAJOR plus at the car wash.
See, by the time I was 13, I was a service advisor. That meant less labor and more selling.
My job was to convince customers to buy the more expensive packages.
For example say someone comes in and wants a 10$ car wash
and we have car washes from 10$ – 40$.
My job was to sell the higher package.
After coming up and doing all the jobs on the car wash assembly line, I had tons of knowledge on how the whole operation worked.
That knowledge meant sales power.
My average ticket price per car was usually around 16$.50$.
That meant, if we washed 1000 cars in 10 hours, that was 16,500$ in earnings for the day!
Needless to say, they loved me in the sales job.
One of the managers gave me a set of Zig Ziglar tapes when I was about 14 years old
and those tapes changed my life forever.
And, it changed the way I sold stuff.
By 16, I was a legend in the car wash business.
In fact, one day, I wrote tickets for over 1600 cars in 10 hours.
Then, one of the managers got wind of how much my commission checks were from someone in the corporate office.
Im sure you can guess what happened, right?


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