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Rhino 3D for Architects from Scratch

Rhino 3D for Architects from Scratch

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Rhino Full Course from Zero to Hero Aimed for Architecture Students

What you'll learn
3D Modeling for Architecture from Scratch
Organic and Geometrical Architectural Modeling
Efficient Modeling Workflow
Architectural Representation Strategies
Workflow between Rhino and other Architectural Softwares
Topography Creation of any Region
Simple to do Parametric Designs
Rhinoceros 6 or 7 Installed in your PC
No prior experience of the software required
In this course aimed for architecture students you will not only learn the basics of Rhinoceros, but also acquire the necessary skills to be able to model complex forms efficiently. You will come by and gain an understanding of strategies that I have developed with more than 10 years of experience that will allow you to create high end architectural diagrams of your concept, site analysis and even it's structure. By the the end of the lectures you will be able to create any architectural design effortlessly and represent it in an appropriate manner.

The course is designed to start us off with the software of Rhinoceros from scratch, learning the most valuable and efficient ways for architects to start modeling geometrical forms. In a second stage the lectures will take you into the understanding on how to produce organic designs, this being a subject that not many know how to accomplish in the field of architecture. On a third stage we will look into complementing our designs with structure and window frames with efficient methods. Fourth stage consists on the architectural representation through diagrams that we can initialy produce in Rhino and then retouch them in a bonus lesson of Adobe Illustrator.

Who this course is for:
Architecture Students
Beginners who want to start or step up with 3d modeling for architecture and design



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