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Revit Structure Robot Concrete Advance Steel 4 In 1

Revit Structure Robot Concrete Advance Steel 4 In 1

Last updated 9/2019
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What you'll learn
Make structural designs more effectively using Autodesk tools
Create structure models in Revit
Run analysis and normative designs in Robot
Create plans of the structure in general quickly and efficiently
Make plans for structural detailing in Structural Detailing
In need for the student to have notions of work in CAD environment and in Revit
To carry out the practices it is important to have the following software installed on your PC or MAC: Revit Structure, Professional Robot Structural Analysis, AutoCAD Structural Detailing
Draw, design and document your structure projects with REVITEnter the design field with BIM (Building Information Modeling)Master the powerful drawing toolsCreate your own templatesExport to calculation programsCreate and document plansCreate and analyze loads and reactions in structuresPresent your results with quality plans in half the time.#AulaGEO With this course you will learn how to take advantage of these tools so that the process of designing structures for buildings is faster, more efficient and of higher quality.A new way to manage your projectsRevit software is the world leader in building design using BIM (Building Information Modeling), allowing professionals not only to generate plans but to coordinate the entire building model including design features. Revit is designed to include design tools for building structures.When you assign elements to a project, you can:Automatically generate floor plans, elevations, sections and final impressionsPerform static calculations in the cloudPerform advanced calculations in specialized programs such as Robot Structural AnalysisCreate structural and analytical modelsQuickly create and document detail plansImprove your performance when working on a BIM modelCourse OrientationWe will follow the logical order in which you would develop a personal project. Instead of considering each theoretical aspect of the program, we will focus on following the workflow that best suits a real case and give you some tips to achieve the best results.You will get prepared files that will allow you to follow the progress of the course from where you consider it most necessary by guiding you to use the tools yourself while watching the classes.The course content is updated regularly to include important updates or points that can help you improve your learning and you will have access to them in real time so you can improve your continuous skills.---------------------------------------Disclaimer:From the 4 courses, the Robot section, the software interface used is in spanish; but the whole explanation of the instructdor is narrated in english. We selected this from a spanish for the high teaching quality.The Revit Structure and Steel Design courses are english both, the software interface and audio.
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 Install Content Libraries
Section 2: User interface
Lecture 3 The Ribbon
Lecture 4 User Interface Features
Section 3: Drawing tools
Lecture 5 Workflow in Revit Structure
Lecture 6 Work template
Lecture 7 Load families
Lecture 8 Grids and levels
Lecture 9 Column Placement
Lecture 10 Beam Placement
Lecture 11 Beam or Belt Systems
Lecture 12 Flooring
Lecture 13 Placement of cross stiffeners
Lecture 14 Creation of lattices or trusses
Lecture 15 Structural walls
Lecture 16 Foundations
Lecture 17 Metallic reinforcement
Section 4: Analytical model
Lecture 18 Creation of load cases
Lecture 19 Load combinations
Lecture 20 Load application
Lecture 21 Apply border conditions
Lecture 22 Link to Robot Structural Analysis
Section 5: Practices
Lecture 23 Concrete Practical Example - Part 1
Lecture 24 Concrete Practical Example - Part 2
Lecture 25 Concrete Practical Example - Part 3
Lecture 26 Practical Example Steel Structure - Part 1
Lecture 27 Practical Example Steel Structure - Part 2
Section 6: conclusion
Lecture 28 conclusion
Lecture 29 Program overview
Section 8: Creation of the geometric model
Lecture 30 User interface
Lecture 31 Units and formats
Lecture 32 Construction lines
Lecture 33 Building plants
Lecture 34 Materials definition
Lecture 35 Section definition
Lecture 36 Column placement
Lecture 37 Placement of beams
Lecture 38 Thickness creation
Lecture 39 Ribbed thicknesses
Lecture 40 Plant slab placement
Lecture 41 Gaps in slabs
Lecture 42 Wall placement
Section 9: Creation of the analytical model
Lecture 43 Creation of groups
Lecture 44 Support application
Lecture 45 Load cases
Lecture 46 Wind loads
Lecture 47 Seismic spectra
Lecture 48 Aplicación de cargas
Lecture 49 Load combinations
Lecture 50 Mesh Creation
Lecture 51 Analysis run
Section 10: Results
Lecture 52 Results by diagrams
Lecture 53 Results by maps
Section 11: Reinforced concrete design
Lecture 54 Design of reinforced concrete bars
Lecture 55 Real bar armor
Lecture 56 Panel armor
Lecture 57 Foundation Design
Section 12: Design of steel structures
Lecture 58 Assistant for the creation of industrial buildings
Lecture 59 Types of steel bars
Lecture 60 Design groups
Lecture 61 Sizing groups
Lecture 62 Final verification of steel bars
Lecture 63 Steel connections
Lecture 64 Personalized design
Section 13: Brief introduction to detailed programs
Lecture 65 Export from Revit to Advance Steel
Lecture 66 Connections according to AISC
Lecture 67 Creation of final plans
Section 14: Advance Steel in detail
Lecture 68 Grid Creation
Lecture 69 Column creation
Lecture 70 Beam Creation
Lecture 71 Beam Systems
Lecture 72 Transverse Reinforcements
Lecture 73 Joists
Lecture 74 Model views
Lecture 75 Connections (Base Plate)
Lecture 76 Connection Group
This course is aimed at those professionals related to structural design who wish to improve their efficiency,Engineers who participate in the final structural project documentation process can also benefit from this course.,It is not a theoretical content course, rather it is a practical course on how to apply the knowledge previously acquired in structural design along with tools that facilitate the work of engineers and others involved in the project.


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