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Revit Structure 2022 : Complete Shop Drawing for RC Building

Revit Structure 2022 : Complete Shop Drawing for RC Building

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Step-by-Step Complete Shop Drawing (Formwork) for RC Building from A-Z using Revit 2022

What you'll learn
Import Architectural plans from DWG to Revit
Building a complete model of a two-story villa
Create a bill of quantity for all the project elements
Add dimension and Tag to all elements
Create a professional shop drawing sheets
Print sheets to PDF
Export sheets & the 3D model to DWG

Hello, welcome to

Revit Structure 2022 : Step-by-Step Complete Shop Drawing for RC Building from A to Z (Formwork)

Divided into five main chapters, our course covers all aspects of Revit Structure, to help you master Building Models, Schedules and Quantities, Dimension and Tag, Sheets, print PDF and Export from Revit to DWG.

The use of Revit Structure will be explained through direct application on a simple concrete project, starting from import Architectural Plans, to produce a professional structural shop drawing (formwork).

To get the most out from the course, it is preferable to open Revit and start applying step by step with videos.

Finally, at the end of the course , you will be ready to start your own project using Revit and prepare all shop drawing (formwork) professionally.

What you will learn in this course ?

Create new project

Load Templates from Revit Library

Editing Project Units

Creating Levels

Importing and Scaling a DWG File into Revit

Adding Structural Grids

Adding Structural Columns

Creating Column Family

Plan View & View Range

Adding Structural Beams

Adding Structural Slab

Creating Stair (Model In-Place)

Adding Foundation

Loading round column from Revit Library

Modify tools ( Align, Offset, Mirror, Split, Pin and Unpin, Trim/Extend, Move and Copy)

Join options ( Join Geometry, Unjoin Geometry, Switch Join Order)

Spot Elevation

Set Work Plane

Visibility/ Graphic

Copy to selected views/levels

Duplicate View

Drafting View

Structural plan view (Up & Down)

Section Box


Material Takeoff

Identity Of Elements (Comments)

Schedule Properties ( Fields, Filter, Sorting/Grouping, Formatting/Appearance)

Foundation Schedule

Columns Schedule

Beams (Framing) Schedule

Duplicate Schedule

Slab Schedule

Stair Schedule

Edit Schedule

Annotate options ( Tag, Dimensions, Text & Detail)

Create Sheet & Title Block

Edit Title Block

Text & Label

Adding structural plans into sheets

Adding Schedules into sheets

Adding Drafting View (Detail) into sheets

Creating Section

Print to PDF (Print Type, Paper Size, Print Range)

Export Sheets to DWG

Export 3D view to DWG

Who this course is for:
Anyone interested in structural engineering


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