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Rawexchange – Video Tutorial RETOUCHING with Conny Wallstrom

Rawexchange – Video Tutorial RETOUCHING with Conny Wallstrom

Five hours, live-recorded retouching workshop
Conny Wallstrom (known from Retouching Toolkit)
Raw-file and PSD is included

How often do you get to hear Conny Wallstrom for five hours straight? Enter the unfiltered mind of Conny Wallstrom, most known for inventing and developing the Retouching Toolkit. A tool that is quickly becoming a standard in the retouching industry.

In this live recorded workshop, Conny shares some deep insights about retouching and as well as a few incredibly awesome retouching techniques. Conny also talks a lot about his workflow and the mindset of a professional retoucher.

In this five hours video, Conny starts with image selection and finishes with the final touches applied to one image. An image that was created the day before the workshop.

You can see the before / after of the image to the left.

You’ll learn about:

  • Workflow
  • Skin retouching
  • Color Correction
  • Sharpening
  • Frequencies
  • Fixing Hair problems
  • Dodge&Burn
  • Color Models

Please note: As most live recordings, this is not a streamlined tutorial. Expect associations, free-flow and the occasional story.

If you are interested in magazine quality retouching, this video will provide a ton of information!

As a bonus, we also provide the RAW-file Conny is working on as well as the final layered PSD.


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