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QGIS Geographic Information Systems

QGIS Geographic Information Systems

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Language: English | Size: 1.88 GB | Duration: 2h 40m

Learn to use QGIS through practical exercises

What you'll learn
Learn QGIS from zero
Create, import data, analyze and generate final maps
Learn doing, through step by step use cases - All in the same environment of data.
The course is from scratch. So it can be taken by a geo-engineering professional or a design enthusiast.
Course Definition:DisclaimerThis course originally was built in spanish, following the same lessons done in the popular course Learn ArcGIS Pro Easy! We done it to demostrate than all this could be possible using open software; always in spanish. Then, some english users asked us, we created a english version of the course; it´s the reason why the interface of the software is in spanish.---------------------------------------------------------------- #AulaGEOGeographic Information Systems using QGIS.-All the exercises you can do in ArcGIS Pro, made with open source software.-Import data from CAD to GIS-Attribute-based thematization- Rules-based calculations-Layout print-Import coordinates from Excel- Digitalization tricks-Geoeferencing imagesAll available files so you can put the acquired knowledge into practice.Done by an expert, spoken aloud, in a single work environment to learn gradually using the AulaGEO methodologyIn the Georeferencing images class you will be able to visualize the ease of placing points in this free system, georeferencing raster images.What will the user learn?-All the exercises that you can do in ArcGIS Pro are done with free software.-It will import data from CAD to GIS-Theming based on attributes-Rule-based calculations-Layout printing-Import coordinates from Excel-Digitization tricks-Georeference imagesThe classes you will see include the following topics:Section 1Class 1: Let's start with QGISClass 2: Data selectionClass 3: Bookmarks - bookmarksSection 2Class 4: XY from ExcelLecture 5: Data symbologyLecture 6: Editing attribute dataClass 7: Labeling of attributesClass 8: Digitization of geographic informationClass 9: Georeference imagesAnalysis of dataLecture 10: Influence Analysis - BufferPublish content with QGISClass 11: Generation of mapsLet's do it at AulaGEO - step-by-step exercisesExercise 1. Import CAD data to GISExercise 2. Import coordinates from Excel to divide a polygonExercise 3. Calculation of areas and composition of calculated fieldsExercise 4. Buffer AnalysisExercise 5. Attribute labelingExercise 6. Theming by attributesExercise 7. Digitization tipsExercise 8. Georeferencing images



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