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Python Real World Data Science Mega Project: Car Buyer App

Python Real World Data Science Mega Project: Car Buyer App

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What you'll learn
Learn how to apply Data Science for real world problem solving, a MUST_KNOW for all developers
Create the backend of a universal Car-Advisor Application, that recommends best deals in car ads
Go through an entire development process of a Data Science Mega Project, from problem definition to final product
Merge Web Scraping+Data Analysis using SCRAPY+PANDAS super-combo to solve a real-world problem

Familiarity with programming concepts (variables, loops, libraries, functions, methods etc.)
Familiarity with web concepts: HTML, CSS, Javascript (no requirement of coding ability)
Motivation and Endurance to take on a real world data science app creation challange,
Allow me to be forthright on this: We all are inclined to pick that long and broad course. I call them 'little by little, everything to the middle' courses. Those courses are indeed good and have their place in the portfolio. However, in our limited time they do not get finished and sometimes they are too broad to guide you to create something real and useful. And that is a fact backed by statistics of almost any online learning platform.

Here is my recomendation for you today: Why not to learn once for yourself, and not for a future hope or prospect? Why not to let data science do something for you right away, right now? Stop a moment please and do think about this!

Welcome to 'Python Real World Data Science Mega Project: Car Buyer App'

This course is, where your data science knowledge will evolve into a practical programming skill that creates solutions for real-world. You will create an application, that will recommend your next car, saving you time and effort while contributing to your personal finances. That is the most practical result you can get from a course.

This will be achieved utilizing a comprehensive approach, so we will go through each and every step of problem solving in data science. From exploring the real world to definition of the problem that will ultimately end up in a strategy to solve it. We will carefully craft the implementation with many real life scenarios and examples and when we come up with a solution, we still will not stop.

We will look for ways to exploit our results for other useful products. In the meantime, we will continue to revise our strategy and implementation to perfect our results.

Throughout the course you will experience, how 'being able to extract the data you want from web, analyzing it the way you want, and the synergy you can create by these two steps' is an invaluable capability for a data scientist. We will use SCRAPY (framework) to extract data from popular car sites around the world and develop our data science application mainly using PANDAS (library).

This course is within the framework of a series to master web-scraping and Scrapy from basic skills to advanced concepts, from deep insights on the tools to the most practical real-life data science example utilizing web scraping on this platform, a depth and perspective unique to this course series that collectively have gathered more than 10000 students in months.

Let me tell you forthright: The approach depicted, implemented and taught here is unique to this course. In other words, you can not compare this course with others, because the focus, the implementation and the end results will be different.

Here, you will learn while you create a high-value backend application that you can practically use and benefit. So it is not only about learning how a tool works but also how it is applied in data science context in real-life.

Finally, a good course is the one that will make you capable and motivated to go further in that field, it will increase your self-confidence to tackle the real-world issues. This uniquely structured and implemented project-based-course exactly aims and does that.

Join and create a complete end to end data science project, and all of this with no risk, thanks to Udemy's guarantee policy.

Be sure to watch the course video on this very landing page.

See you in the lectures!

Very Respectfully,

Tarkan Aguner

Who this course is for:
Programmers who want to turn their Data Science knowledge into a developer's skill to solve real world problems
Developers at any level who would make use of a data science project of practical use: Python car-advisor
Programmers, who have taken their first programming course with success and would like to proceed to next level in Data Science
Data Science practitioners and enthusiasts, who want to tackle a real world challange of practial use

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