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Phishing Attacks With 120 Website Templates (Beginners)

Phishing Attacks With 120 Website Templates (Beginners)

Published 8/2022
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Phishing attacks for Beginners
What you'll learn
What are phishing attacks
build necessary cyber security lab
Install phishing attacks tools
perform Facebook, twitter, snapchat, google and amazon Phishing attacks
Perform Microsoft, Yahoo, PayPal, eBay, iCloud and Apple Phishing attacks
No Requirement needed only computer has access to internet
You want to learn how to do phishing attacks just like professional hackers ? If yes, this course for you. We will use phishing tools with over 120 website templates, so you do phishing attack using all famous websites and Social media. We assume that you never did any kind of phishing attack before, so we start with from scratch.Phishing is a type of social engineering attack often used to steal user data, including login credentials and credit card numbers.This Course, about phishing attacks and it is divided into the following sections1- Course Introduction2- Introduction to phishing attacks. In this section students will learn what is phishing and how hackers send a fraudulent(e.g, spoofed, fake, or otherwise deceptive) message designed to trick a person into revealing sensitive information to the attacker.3- Build cyber security lab: Student will build their own lab using virtual environment, so they can practice different phishing attacks in safe and legal environment. Students will do the following:a- Download and Install VMware.b-Download and Install VirtualBox.c-Download and Install Kali Linux.d-Download and Install Windows 10 virtual Machine.4- Essential System Commands: Students will learn a lot pf essential systems commands on both Linux and Windows environment.5- Essential Information to start phishing attack, so students will learn more about local host and to expose their local webpage to global network. Also, students will learn how to download and install ngrok.6- Practice different kinds of phishing attacks like, a- Facebook phishing attack b- Twitter phishing attack c- Instagram phishing attack d-Snapchat phishing attack e-Linkedln phishing attack f-Netflix phishing attack g-Google phishing attackh-Microsoft phishing attacki-Yahoo phishing attackj-Paypal phishing attackk-ebay phishing attack7- More phishing tools. Students will learn about more available phishing tools and also learn how install them. Shellphish NexphisherAdphishing

Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 Couse Introduction-1
Lecture 3 Introduction -2
Section 2: Build Your cyber security lab
Lecture 4 Download and Install VMware
Lecture 5 Download and Install VirtualBox
Lecture 6 Download and Install Kali Linux
Lecture 7 Download and Install Windows 10 VM
Lecture 8 Take a look on Kali
Section 3: Essential Systems Commands
Lecture 9 Essential Commands part 1
Lecture 10 Essential Commands part 2
Lecture 11 Essential Commands part 3
Section 4: Essential Information for Phishing attacks
Lecture 12 Localhost
Lecture 13 Expose Your Local Host to global Network
Lecture 14 Download and Install ngrok
Section 5: Practice Phishing attacks
Lecture 15 Download and Install Phishing tools on kali
Lecture 16 Practice Facebook Phishing attack -1
Lecture 17 Practice Facebook Phishing attack -2
Lecture 18 Practice Facebook Phishing attack -3
Lecture 19 Practice Snapchat phishing attack
Lecture 20 Practice Google Phishing attack
Lecture 21 Practice LinkedIn Phishing attack
Lecture 22 Practice Netflix Phishing attack
Lecture 23 Microsoft and PayPal Phishing attacks
Lecture 24 Practice Twitter Phishing Attacks
Lecture 25 eBay and Yahoo phishing attacks
Lecture 26 Practice Google Phishing attacks
Section 6: Download and Install Important Phishing tool
Lecture 27 Downloads and Install PyPhisher
Lecture 28 Practice WhatsApp Phishing attack
Lecture 29 Practice Apple Phishing attacks
Lecture 30 Practice iCloud Phishing attack
Lecture 31 Practice Amazon Phishing attack
Section 7: More Phishing tools
Lecture 32 Shellphish Phishing tool
Lecture 33 NexPhisher phishing tool
Lecture 34 Adphishing Phishing tool
Lecture 35 Download and Install Hiddeye
For anyone want to learn Hacking by Phishing attacks

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