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Philip Vandusen – Brand Strategy 101

Philip Vandusen – Brand Strategy 101 - 53 GB

Module 1
Module Description: We’ll de-mystify brand strategy and show you that it’s not as complicated as many people would have you believe.
We’ll define some of the key terms and tools and illustrate how you can use it to increase your revenue.
Module Highlights:
Brand Strategy Terms and Tools
The Goals of Brand Strategy
12 Components of Brand Strategy
The Strategist Mindset

Module 2
Module Description: You’ll learn how to engage more deeply with your clients.
Find opportunities to increase scope of your projects.
Communicate the ROI of Strategic Brand Design so you can get paid to do it.
Module Highlights:

The Discovery Call
Stakeholder Interviews
How to Sell Strategy

Module 3
Module Description: Learn to understand how a business functions holistically.
Learn how to assess the client’s brand assets and activities.
Discover how to tell if they have everything they need to accomplish their goals. Attain the skills to sell-in additional work.
Module Highlights:
Business Model Canvas
How to conduct an Internal Brand Audit
How to up-sell more work

Module 4
Module Description: Learn to audit and map the competition in a compelling visual way.
Learn how to assess the client brand’s competitive landscape to expose strategy and project up-sell opportunities.
Module Highlights:
Competitive Audits
Brand Mapping
Brand Differentiation Strategies

Module 5
Module Description: Learn to use a suite of proven brand strategy tools and how to apply them to client projects.
Classic brand strategy techniques and tools will be fully covered – demystifying what it takes to do high-level brand strategy.
Module Highlights:
Brand Strategy Statements
Customer Avatar Techniques
Pyramids and Personalities
Brand Archetypes

Module 6
Module Description: Learn how Strategy and Design intersect and inform each other.
Learn to create creative visualizations of strategy, bringing the brand to life in visuals and words.
Module Highlights:
The One-Page Visual Creative Brief
Defining Color Direction
Creative Anchors and Strategic Design

Module 7
Module Description: Learn how to change your mindset from “I can’t.” to “I can!” when it comes to selling strategy.
We’ll confirm the simplicity of the process and show you how you can apply it immediately in your client work and start getting paid to think.
Module Highlights:
Brand Strategy Process Guide
The Strategist Role
The Strategist Mindset


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