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Noah Hunter Dorsey – Upgrade Your Shopify Store 2023

Noah Hunter Dorsey - Upgrade Your Shopify Store 2023

Here, Noah will go into the high-level strategies of creating a killer Shopify store.
Lesson 1: Branding & Psychology
Lesson 2: Creating Offers
Lesson 3: Product Offerings
Lesson 4: Themes & Branding
Lesson 5: Seasonality
Module 2: Homepage
Your homepage is the most popular page on your site, so it needs to convert.
Here - Noah will give you the exact templates and frameworks that push curious visitors into shoppers, focusing on maximising your AOV.
Lesson 1: Layout
Lesson 2: Banner
Lesson 3: Navigation
Lesson 4: Free Gift
Lesson 5: Social Proof
Lesson 6: Products & Collections
Lesson 7: Copy
Module 3: Product Page
In this module, you'll be building high-converting product pages that turn shoppers into customers like clockwork.
Lesson 1: Familiarity & Setup
Lesson 2: Product Images
Lesson 3: Name & Description
Lesson 4: Social Proof
Lesson 5: Shipping & Offer
Lesson 6: Discounts & Upsells
Lesson 7: Buy Now, Pay Later
Lesson 8: Long Copy
Lesson 9: Urgency
Lesson 10: FAQ's
Lesson 11: Recommended Products
Module 4: Checkout
Optimise your checkout system to minimise abandoned checkouts, increase conversions and boost AOV with upsells.
Lesson 1: Express Postage
Lesson 2: Aftersell
Module 5: Customer Experience
Here, you'll optimise customer experience, increasing visitor satisfaction, trust & sales.
Lesson 1: Site Speed
Lesson 2: Contact Us
Lesson 3: Live Chat
Lesson 4: Terms & Conditions
Bonus #1: Review Automation System
Social proof is super important for building trust and increasing your store's conversion rate. 1 good review is worth $500+.
That's why you're getting Noah's exact Review Automation Process, that he used to get 300+ reviews for Tommi Skin.
Just plug this into your business, and immediately start reviewing awesome 5-star image reviews from your customers.
Bonus #2: Product Photography Masterclass
Here, Noah will give you his simple system for taking professional website product photos from your iphone for free.
He'll go into different shots, setup, camera settings and then simple editing tools you can use on your iphone.
Literally in just 30 minutes you'll have a ton of amazing product images for your website and socials, that instantly create a ton of trust and credibility inside your audience, and generate you more sales every day.
Bonus #3: Hiring A Customer Service VA System
Tired of doing customer service yourself?
Noah will give you his step by step system for finding, hiring & onboarding a rockstar Virtual Assistant, in just 24 hours (for as little as $4 an hour).
Once setup, they'll be responding to messages, and converting them into customers every single day, generating you more revenue.
This will save you hours every single week, to focus on the more important stuff.
Bonus #4: Canva Design Templates
Here, Noah has got his designers to create Canva design templates for you.
Just drag-n-drop images and text in, export them and upload them straight into your site.
These design templates are built to be as fast and easy as possible for you to have stunning website design that looks good, and gets purchases.



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