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Nadine Rohner – Business Accelerator

Nadine Rohner – Business Accelerator

What You Get:

crafting your offer

Create or elevate your offer that people will fall in love with and you are excited about!

Crafting either your 1:1 signature coaching, group coaching offer or redefining and perfecting your core offer
If you are a service-based business you’ll learn how to move from done-for-you services to coaching and consulting

ideal client deep dive

You can have the prettiest website and the best offer but if you don’t know exactly who you are talking to and HOW to talk to your potential client, no one will listen and you won’t sell a thing!

Identify who your ideal client exactly is
Map out your client’s pain points and desires
Craft your messaging because words sell!

the anti-funnel

They have a bad rep because thousands of online marketers are scamming people to buy their sh.. product. For them, it’s sale first customer second. Let’s change that and focus on CLIENT (aka human being ) FIRST.
A funnel is nothing but a customer journey!
In this module you’ll learn:

The different funnels on the market and what NOT TO DO!
How to implement a system to attract clients on autopilot while being ethical and market mindful and with heart

lead magnet creation

Before you ask someone to marry you, go on a date first! So before you ask for a sale give them something for free first and show them your expertise and built trust!
The goal is to create something that makes people want even more from you instead of yet another useless pdf that collects dust on your download folder.

Create your own freebie/lead magnet.
Learn how to create something your client actually NEEDS

e-mail marketing

Once a potential client has downloaded your lead magnet you want to nurture them with VALUABLE content to draw them even closer to you and make them stay in your world.
This is about showing off your expertise rather than sending sales email after sales email or boring newsletters. Nobody wants to just stay in the loop

In this module, you will:

Get my proven email sequence template
Craft your own magnetic emails that people are excited to open
Learn about the different software and how to use them for your business

landing page creation

Your ideal client needs a place where they can download your freebie and no you don’t need a full-on website for this! Just a simple landing page with one goal.



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