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Mosh Hamedani – Angular 4 – Beginner to Pro

Mosh Hamedani – Angular 4 – Beginner to Pro - 27.8 GB

Angular is one of the most popular frameworks for building client apps with HTML, CSS and TypeScript.

Put simply, Angular is a must-have on your resume. Lucky for you, this course is a full-on, deep-dive into Angular that will give you the competitive edge you’re looking for.

Highly technical with a perfect mix of theory and practice. It covers absolutely every detail you could possibly need to take you from beginner Angular developer to expert .

I share tips from several years’ experience using Angular, including the do’s and don’ts, best practices, common mistakes and practical shortcuts that every professional Angular developer needs to know.

Beginner to Advanced
Lifetime Access
370 Lessons
30 Hours of Video
Exercises and Solutions
Access on Mobile/TV

Hi! I’m Mosh and I’m gonna help you master Angular!

Here are a few reasons to buy this course

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to…

Build and deploy fast and interactive Angular apps with confidence
Troubleshoot common errors
Write clean, maintainable code
Apply best practices

What You’l Learn…

Right from the beginning, you’ll jump in and build your first Angular 4 app within minutes. There’s no boring, long introductions, we’ll get straight into the nuts and bolts!

Display data and handle events
Build re-usable components
Manipulate the DOM using directives
Format data using pipes
Build template-driven and reactive forms
Consume HTTP services
Use Reactive Extensions and observables
Implement routing and navigation
Implement authentication and authorization
Store data in Firebase
Deploy your applications
Unit test your Angular apps
Basics of the Redux architecture
Use Angular animations
Write clean, maintainable code like a pro
Shortcuts to write more code in less time
And much, much more!

Learn using real-world examples, assignments and a complete project, from setup to deployment!
It’s like having an experienced developer right next to you

I’ll share my 20 years of experience as a software engineer, giving you all the expert advice, tips and tricks you’ll need to become an Angular master. I’ll show you how to build a real e-commerce application with Angular 4, Firebase 4 and Bootstrap 4. There’s nothing like hands-on learning to fully understand all the concepts.

Who is this course for?

Anyone wanting to learn front-end development with Angular
Front-end developers familiar with other libraries such as React who want to add Angular to their toolbox
Back-end developers who want to transition to full-stack development

No prior knowledge needed

You don’t need familiarity with TypeScript or any previous versions of Angular. You just need some basic familiarity with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
Join 45417 happy students!

“The course pace, examples, challenges and video quality are exceptional. I have watched and coded along with several tutorials from various sites but this course, so far, it absolutely one of the best if not the best. The project at the end of the course was also well done. I made plenty of mistakes as I coded along and learned a ton while trying to fix those errors.”

– AJ Speller

“Mosh is the best! Clear explanations and detailed discussions about great engineering practices. First class course. I can honestly say that if you want to learn and actually understand Angular well whilst becoming a better programmer then this is the only course you will need. Many thanks!”

– Paul Whitehouse

“I’ve never seen someone explain something so easy in such a short period of time and actually understand it. There are courses, which are longer and much more difficult to understand, this is not one of them.”

– Simon Cassar

“Mosh is a great teacher that explains every single line of code he’s writing. Exactly what I was looking for when I decided to programming with this framework.”

– Gabriel Rapone

Your Instructor

Mosh Hamedani

Hi! My name is Mosh Hamedani. I’m a software engineer with two decades of experience. I’ve taught millions of people how to code and how to become professional software engineers through my online courses and YouTube channel.

I believe coding should be fun and accessible to everyone.

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