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MindValley – Sugar – 7 Days To Breaking Up

MindValley - Sugar - 7 Days To Breaking Up | 1 GB

Permanently eliminate your sugar cravings in just 7 days by using
behavioural psychology to change your relationship with food.
For anyone who wants to kick their sugar cravings and take control of their health.

We all know that sugar is one of the most harmful substances we can put in our body.
Modern science has shown that not only is sugar more addictive than cocaine, but it also has an unimaginable negative impact on our immune system.
Sugar is everywhere, in the average American grocery store, sugar is in 70% of all products. Food companies put it in there because sugar makes you eat more. it gets you hooked.
This means more money in the wallets of Big Food companies, and a steady worsening of your health, your immunity and your lifestyle.
The 7-day mini Quest designed by Eric Edmeades, creator of WildFit, uses behavioural psychology and pattern interruption to modify the way your mind craves sugar.
Sugar is addictive but like all addictive substances, the right methods can break the addiction cycle and diminish your desire for sugar.
You'll notice by Day 3 of this program, your sensitivity to sugar will increase significantly and you will begin to enjoy food with less sugar.
By Day 7, you will be able to completely detach yourself from this craving and enjoy the dramatic results.


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