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Matt Furey – The Furey Formula for Making a Fortune With Email

Matt Furey - The Furey Formula for Making a Fortune With Email | 1.06 GB

The disc audio files are horrible (he can do copy, but sucks at seminars)….

So, I ran them all through Audacity as best I could. The pens clicking, babies laughing (yes you heard right), coughs, air conditioner hum, and crappy tape squeal were a challenge. However they are much better.

Big files yes, get over it.

Please don’t share.. PLEASE. This is THE rare one.


The only lazy way left to make a fortune as a copywriter!

“The Greatest Copywriting Secret Never Told”

If you’re struggling to write 8, 12, 24 or 36-page salesletters – and you’re looking for a FASTER, EASIER and MORE PROFITABLE way to make six figures or more per year as a copywriter – then what I am now going to reveal to you may come as a HUGE and very WELCOME surprise.

Starting Time: Monday, 3:56 PM
Tampa International Airport

Dear Friend,

My name is Matt Furey and I’ve made millions of dollars as an email copywriter. Many top marketers, Mark Ford, Dan Kennedy, Matt Bacak, Caleb O’Dowd, Harlan Kilstein, Ben Settle and many more, call me the “world’s greatest E-mail copywriter.”

Why? Because each day I sit before a keyboard and write emails that are 400-600 words in length. Most of these emails are written in about 10-12 minutes. Most of them are written without correction. I don’t re-read what I write. I don’t edit. I just write and hit send.

Minutes later my email list receives one of my daily zingers, and the money starts flowing into my business almost as easily as my next inhale and exhale.

What does this have to do with YOU? A lot.

Let me set the stage: Several years ago I put 9 people in a room at $10,000.00 each and began to teach them my unique approach to email copywriting. Only one person in the room had any copywriting experience – and he wasn’t making a fortune with his emails.

The others in the room were total green horns. They had never written copy before. Not one line.

Nevertheless, I promised these people three things:

Writing copy is easy. It is NOT hard work.
I can teach you how to write fabulous email copy inside of 48 hours.
You will make a fortune if you do what I say.
They were scared to death when we started –

but 48 hours later???

When this workshop began the attendees were scared. They heard me say that I could teach them how to write great email copy within 48 hours. They heard me say it was easy. And they heard me say they could make big bucks with this extraordinary skill.

But they didn’t believe me.

And why should they? After all, to date, we have been repeatedly told that it takes 1000 hours of practice just to reach a level of competency as a salesletter writer. This is true for most people.

It was NOT, however, true for me – and there are a number of important reasons why. And those reasons were precisely what I was going to download into the minds of the 9 people attending my workshop.

Number one, I had to over-ride an erroneous belief that writing email copy is hard and that they could learn this highly desirable skill inside of 48 hours. Number two, I had to be able to teach them the skill so that they could go out and make ten times what they paid for the event very quickly.

Here’s what happened:

Everyone in the seminar got very, very good at writing emails by noon of the second day. In fact, they were so good that I told them I could end the seminar right then and there and they would have already gotten full value. Everyone agreed.
One attendee, Sean, began writing emails for a couple online businesses. He charged $8,000.00 to write daily emails for one business and $6,000.00 for another. And he wrote these emails almost as fast as me. Most emails took him about 18 minutes to write. He easily made over $100,000.00 his first year, right out of the gate. He had no trouble finding any clients either – because most online businesses don’t have an email copywriter – or a daily email. And the proof that your income will double or triple in direct proportion to how often you email your list is staggering.
Six others began writing emails for their own businesses and their income exploded. One man, Dave, is also a multi-millionaire, mostly because of the very method I taught at this event.
Two attendees, a husband-and-wife team, got into a jewelry business a year later and to my knowledge, they don’t bother sending emails.
At any rate, getting 7 out of 9 people to make money with a skill they learned in 48 hours is a pretty good batting average, don’t you think?

Since that date I have had dozens of requests to do another workshop on The Furey Method for Making a Fortune With Email. I have been asked by seasoned copywriters and beginning copywriters – as well as total newbies. I have always refused because I have enough to do with my other events and coaching – most of which are private closed-door events.

But recently, at the urging of a number of top marketers who have received a “secret copy” of the audios of the seminar from me – and have doubled their incomes as a result, I have agreed to release the audio files from the event, but only for a very limited time as well as a very limited number of people.

Here’s the bottom line: I know I can teach the skills required to make $100,000.00 or more per year writing simple emails for online businesses. This service is desperately needed. There are hundreds of thousands, if not millions of businesses that could use this much-needed skill – especially when they understand that emails make major money online.

I know I can teach you my method for writing kick-butt emails within 48 hours – emails that make you and your clients money.

I know I can have you writing great email copy even if you’ve never written copy before … even if you think you don’t have the talent or skill.

Last of all, there’s something important that I told the people who attended my previous event two years ago and I’ll tell it to YOU now. It is this: If you can talk, I can teach you how to write killer email copy that can make you and/or your clients a yearly fortune.

This is why I urge you to order The Original Matt Furey Email Copywriting Seminar NOW.


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