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Mastering LaTeX – Academic Typesetting for Beginners

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Genre: eLearning | Language: English + .srt | Duration: 74 lectures (4h) | Size: 1.15 GB

A comprehensive LaTeX course for academic writing in Overleaf What you'll learn:
Get started with LaTeX in Overleaf
The basic features of Overleaf
Best practices for writing clear and understandable LaTeX
Structure a basic LaTeX document
Create numbered and unnumbered lists in LaTeX
Learn to typeset an article in LaTeX with abstracts, section, subsection, footnotes, and appendices
Include graphics in your LaTeX documents
Make professional bibliographies with Bibtex
Use colors and fonts in LaTeX to style your documents
Write mathematical equations, matrices, and integrals in LaTeX that look awesome!
Use pre-existing templates to create beautiful CV's and more!
Make high quality presentations using Beamer

No previous knowledge of LaTeX or Overleaf is required!
We will not need to install any software, so you can use any operating system!
As we will be using Overleaf, you will be required to have a working internet connection.

Do you need to write a thesis, research paper, or book in LaTeX? Would you like to create professional-looking documents with LaTeX that enhance your technical writing? Are you suddenly required to learn LaTeX for some other reason, but have nowhere to start?

In this course on LaTeX intended for beginners, we will guide you from the basics all the way to more advanced features using Overleaf. You do not need any knowledge of LaTeX, Overleaf, or typesetting in general.

The course consists of many quizzes and projects so that you get intimate knowledge about writing LaTeX in Overleaf. Remember that Udemy offers a 30 day trial period on any course; if you are not satisfied with the course, then don't hesitate to ask for a return. We will try to swiftly answer any questions you have during the course.

Who this course is for
College Students (for instance in mathematics, engineering, informatics, physics, and chemistry)
Researchers and educators
Professionals who want to create documents of publishable quality
Typography enthusiasts
Anyone who has tried to learn some LaTeX, but have found it difficult.

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