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Masterclass – James Cameron Teaches Filmmaking

Masterclass – James Cameron Teaches Filmmaking

Video: 1920×1080, .mp4, 24 fps | Audio: AAC-LC, 192 kb/s, 2 channels, 48.0 KHz | Genre: eLearning
Duration: 3 hrs, 20 min | Language: English | File size: 8.6 GB

From The Terminator and Titanic to Avatar, James Cameron has directed some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters. Now, for the first time in his 40-year career, he opens up about his process. Through behind-the-scenes breakdowns, James shares his approach to developing ideas, storylines, and characters; harnessing technology; and worldbuilding on any budget. Explore the innovation and imagination behind epic moviemaking.

Lesson Plan:
1. Meet Your Instructor: James Cameron
2. Pursuing and Developing the Idea
3. Toying With the Audience: Building and Releasing Tension
4. THE TERMINATOR Club Scene Breakdown
5. ALIENS Egg Chamber Breakdown
6. ALIENS Newt Introduction Scene Breakdown
7. The Art of Low-Budget Filmmaking
8. THE TERMINATOR Arm and Eye Repair Breakdown
9. From Sketch to Spectacle: Creating Set Pieces
10. THE TERMINATOR Future World Breakdown: Creating a Set Piece on a Budget
11. Crafting and Introducing Compelling Characters
12. TITANIC Rose Introduction Breakdown
13. Developing Dread Through Adversaries
14. AVATAR Creating Technology
15. Making Your Way and Leading With Passion

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