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Master Native English Speaking Skills Grammar and More

Master Native English Speaking Skills Grammar and More

Last updated 11/2019
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Achieve English mastery and fluency in this journey through the English language. Each lesson is filled with examples.

What you'll learn

Learn English skills to easily handle a wide range of common situations
Master exercises to improve your habits and ability to think in English
Learn and practice the grammar necessary to sound natural and avoid mistakes
Learn extremely common expressions and vocabulary (with examples)
Gain confidence in your ability to express yourself in English clearly and accurately
Learn how to use English in advanced situations, like giving a presentation (and more)

A desire to learn and a positive attitude

Some way to take notes and make examples

A way to record yourself, in order to complete assignments

Hi. I'm Luke!If your goal is to become fluent in English, this is the course to take. I've been working on the lessons in this English course for over 10 years, and have seen them help many students master the key skills they need to really understand how to use English at a high level. This course contains everything you need to start using the English language naturally, and feel confident in your English skills. The course will guide you step-by-step. Also, each lesson is filled with natural English examples, which is the best way to learn. Each section of the course includes an assignment so that you can practice everything you learn. This is really essential! Input is great, but if you're not using the English language as you learn, it won't stick. The course starts out with an intensive focus on how to describe things clearly in English. Explore the examples other students have made (along with my feedback) in addition to adding your own. Also, if you need help along the way, just ask in the Q&A. I'm here with you on your English learning journey! Some of the things you will learn in this course include: Essential English grammar, including difficult tenses, quantifiers, and moreEnglish used in common social situations, like inviting, giving advice, talking about movies, etc.English skills necessary for descriptions, comparisons, explanations, etc. Assignments for each section to practice what you learn and gain confidencePointers on specifically American English phrasing and language usageCommon English idioms and expressions for handling travel situations in EnglishHundreds of native vocabulary and expressions needed for fluent conversationEnglish knowledge for challenging things, like writing emails, giving presentations, and debating, etc. Practice exercises to help you start thinking in English and improve your English speaking habitsMuch more!If you are serious about getting really good at English, your next step is simple: Sign up for this course!


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