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Mandalay Mandala [646 Elements] 1108541

Mandalay Mandala [646 Elements] 1108541

e than 400 mandalas for every taste. Be sure to click on the image to see all toolkit. Are you a shopkeeper or a flower designer? Or if you have a yoga school or a shop with toys? Maybe you a decorator or a create beautiful things? Create a logo or branding of their dreams. You can easily combine mandala, abstract elements and watercolor shapes. Or simply add mandala circle on your photo.

What's in the package:
• 144 x Mandala;
• 50 x Mandala Circle;
• 50 x Logo Element;
• 144 x Mandala Color;
• 50 x Mandala Circle Color;
• 50 x Logo Element Color;
• 30 x Watercolor Shapes;
• 128 x Abstract Elements;
• 11 x Postcards.

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