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Machine Learning with Python – All-in-One Bootcamp (updated)

Machine Learning with Python - All-in-One Bootcamp (updated)

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Language: English | Size: 6.87 GB | Duration: 14h 31m

Learn complete fundamentals of Machine Learning using Python, with hands on experience.
What you'll learn
Introduction to Machine Learning.
Introduction to Linear Regression.
Master Linear Regression (Single & Multiple).
Hands-on Decision Tree and Random Forest Training.
Introduction to K-nearest Neighbors (KNN) Algorithm.
Master Support Vector Machine (SVM) Models.
Understanding the differences between decision tree and random forest.
Master Scikit-learn for Python Programming.
Learn Regression & Classification Evaluation Metrics.
Introduction to Time Series Analysis.
Hands-on Time Series and Market Basket Analysis.
Natural Language Processing In Machine Learning.
Dependency Parsing and Named Entity Recognition In Natural Language Processing.
Introduction to Deep Learning.
Learn to Run Deep Learning Projects.

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