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Learn Urdu Language: Urdu Speaking Reading Writing Grammar

Learn Urdu Language: Urdu Speaking Reading Writing Grammar

Last updated 3/2022
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Learn Urdu language. Learn to speak, read and write Urdu words and Urdu sentences. Learn Urdu language grammar course.

What you'll learn
Urdu speaking
Urdu Grammar
Basic Urdu writing
Learn Urdu vocabulary
Urdu language reading
Understand what is being said to you in Urdu
Introduce yourself and make your own sentences in Urdu
Bonus : 4000 Urdu words meaning & pronunciation
There are no course requirements or prerequisites for this Urdu language course.
Motivation and a positive mind set to learn Urdu.
Access to a printer if you want to print out some assignments
Learn Urdu language course teaches you the basics of Urdu speaking, reading, writing and grammar. It aims to teach people with little or no knowledge of Urdu. You can also test your knowledge with the Quizzes and by completing the assignment. You can learn about:1. Urdu Alphabet (reading, writing and speaking)2. Zair, zaber, paish on different letters of Urdu and different sounds3. How to write Urdu by learning the independent, initial, middle and final position shapes of letters.4. Numbers and counting in Urdu5. Urdu vocabulary and words6. Urdu speaking in different situations7. Basic Urdu Grammar8. Tenses in Urdu - Advanced Grammar conceptsYou will agree that life becomes easier if you speak the language of the locals. If you are planning to visit Pakistan or India then you will find it beneficial if you can communicate the locals in Urdu. I created "Urdu speaking reading writing from English - Urdu language" course as a way to make learning Urdu easier.I am Ifactner and I have been teaching languages for last nine years. This course is very easy to understand and follow as I have divided the sections into small Urdu lessons. You will be able to speaking no Urdu to conducting Urdu conversation in different scenarios. Please watch the free preview lessons and you will understand what I mean.Watch the free preview lessonsI have tried to make the simplest and easy to follow Urdu course. I want people to see that anyone can learn Urdu with some effort and dedication. You can watch the free Urdu lessons preview to get the grasp of my teaching method.Methodology followed in this language courseI have developed this Urdu language learning course in such a way that you will be learning to read, write and speak Urdu in all the lessons. We start with the basics of alphabet and end with the speaking practice lessons. You can write the words and sentences if you aim to learn to read and write Urdu in addition to speaking the language. You don't have learn all the things by heart. You can always refer to the previous lessons when you feel liking it. You will be able to develop the conversation skills which you can apply in your daily life situations. You will be able to communicate in Urdu with your Urdu speaking relatives, friends, colleagues and other people. Who this course is for:1. You want to learn to speak Urdu in a simple fast way2. You are going on a job in Pakistan or other places where Urdu is spoken3. You want to learn Urdu to pass an exam4. You want to surprise your friends and relatives5. You have never spoken Urdu, but would like to learn


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