Learn to make a 2D Angry Bird like game using Unity & C#

Udemy โ€“ Learn to make a 2D Angry Bird like game using Unity & C#

Learn How to make a 2D Angry Bird like game for absolute beginners using the Unity game engine & C# Programming language

What you’ll learn
Creating games
Creating games using unity
Learning C#
Learning Unity
creating games with unity
Learn C# by making 5 games with Unity
Making free games for beginners

Having a Pc, Windows 7 or later

My name is Yousif-Alsewaidi a 15 year old Game developer and Udemy Instructor,
sometimes Learning Unity Game Development and C# scripting can be really challenging for some people so I made this straight forward course for beginners to learn Game Development basics by watching this step by step course.
This course is an introduction to unity Game-Development and making games using C#, So if you want to learn Unity and Game Development but you’re lost this is the perfect course for you!
by purchasing this course you’ll learn to make a 2D angry bird like game and Learn how to add more stuff to your game like Music, Sound effects, Particles and more, we won’t be covering everything that the Unity Game-Engine has to offer, because beginners tend to suffer from burn-out when learning too much (because I did when I started) so I kept this course simple, easy to follow and straight forward so you can also make a fully-functional and working 2D game by the end of it.

it’s really easy too! I’m 14 and I can make a 2D game, so imagine what you can make! The sky’s the limit really!

So what are you waiting for! enroll now so you can get started making games as soon as possible and start your game design and programming journey,
See you on the other side ๐Ÿ™‚

this package includes 2 courses:

1. How to make a 2D Angry Bird like game using Unity & C#
2. Learn to Create a simple 2D Platformer Game using Unity & C#
Who this course is for:
Beginner in Unity
Beginner in C#
Wanting to learn c# through game development
Wanting to learn unity

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