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Learn the MERN Stack Tutorial for Beginners

Learn the MERN Stack Tutorial for Beginners

Last updated 5/2023
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Genre: eLearning | Language: English | Duration: 16 Lessons (1h 54m) | Size: 626 MB

This entry-level MERN Stack training prepares software developers to construct a 3-tier architecture that provides frontend, backend and database support for your coding using only JavaScript and JSON

The MERN stack is a three-tier full-stack solution for writing apps that can seamlessly interact with server-side frameworks and database instances. That means when you're writing in the MERN stack, your apps run quickly, your database is designed for the job you need it to do, and your framework is stable and bloat-free. You might've heard of MEAN or MEVN stacks – they're very similar, but this one is about incorporating React JS into your stack.

Once you're done with this MERN Stack training, you'll know how to construct a 3-tier architecture that provides frontend, backend and database support for your coding using only JavaScript and JSON.

For anyone with software developers on their team, this open source training can be used to onboard new software developers, curated into individual or team training plans, or as a open source reference resource.

MERN Stack: What You Need to Know
For any software developer looking to improve their proficiency with programming best practices, this open source course covers topics such as

Developing in an internally consistent and robust way with the entire MERN stack
Using MongoDB for database needs
Understanding the Express JS web framework
Managing client-side processing with React JS
Setting up your web server with Node JS

Who Should Take MERN Stack Training?
This MERN stack training is considered foundational-level open source training, which means it was designed for software developers. This software development skills course is valuable for new IT professionals with at least a year of experience with programming best practices and experienced software developers looking to validate their open source skills.

New or aspiring software developers. If you're a brand new software developer, it's a pretty good idea to choose a stack early on and master it before you try getting started with other languages and frameworks. The MERN stack is a great place to start your career. If you plan to write interactive web or mobile applications, you'll want to know React, and so the entire MERN stack is a good place to start.

Experienced software developers. This MERN stack training is great for software developers with a few years of experience under their belt – no matter how familiar they already are with any of the languages in the stack. If you've already dabbled in React, this course can help anchor you and get you going full-speed. Or if you've been working in a different stack, you can compare and contrast it to MERN after this training.



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