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Learn how to design an organic shaped building envelope Heydar Aliyev centre

Learn how to design an organic shaped building envelope Heydar Aliyev centre

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Learn advanced 3D modeling strategies to design complex surfaces and learn how to parametrically panelize them and generate a structural space frame.

What you'll learn

In this course, we'll show you how to model an organic envelope using Rhino, T-splines and Grasshopper to a schematic design level. For our reference project, we’re going to use the Heydar Aliyev Centre from Zaha Hadid Architects as this project is a nice example of a building that has a challenging organic envelope and it has some beautiful inner spaces as well.
This course is going to be interesting as it covers various topics, like advanced 3D modeling and parametric modeling. We’ll also take a look at some different software, like Rhino a free-form NURBS modeler, T-splines a subD plugin for Rhino that will let us create the free-form facade more easily and accurate and finally we’ll use Grasshopper for the panelization and to generate the space frame structure.
It is a tough course for intermediate and advanced users, but it will be fun and satisfying when in the end you’ve managed to model that bad-ass facade.

Take Aways:Learn how to use T-splines, a subD modeler plugin for Rhino
Learn various methods and techniques to tackle modeling an organic shape
Learn how to quickly generate schematic structural solutions using Grasshopper
Learn how to create a schematic panelization of the facade using Grasshopper
Learn the difference between NURBS surfaces; Meshes and T-spline objects, its advantages and disadvantages and when it is appropriate to use either one

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