Learn Angular From Scratch – Complete Guide Design to Deploy

Learn Angular From Scratch – Complete Guide Design to Deploy

Language: English | Size: 8.93 GB | Duration: 23h 5m

Master Angular Frontend Framework and Learn to build a Complete Modern World App From Scratch using Bootstrap, Firestore

What you’ll learn
Establish yourself as a skilled professional developer
Benefits of Design & Prototyping, and you will learn how to design a complete web app using Figma Design Tool
Develop modern world web applications with Angular Frontend framework
Master fundamental concepts behind structuring Angular applications
Integrate Bootstrap CSS Framework
Troubleshoot common Angular errors
Write clean and elegant code like a professional developer
Master the best practices
Basic level knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript is needed.
You don’t need familiarity with TypeScript or any previous versions of Angular. You’re going to learn both TypeScript and Angular from scratch in this course.
Angular App From Scratch – Complete Guide Design to Deploy
A few years back I’m also a student or learner like you finding the best resources to master Angular, I struggled a lot to find a tutorial that cover design to deploy all in one, and I know you also struggling with the same problem, so I decided to come up with a brand new course that covers All the Essentials part that you want to build a full modern Angular App from Design to Deploy.
so in this course will build a complete Angular Blog Application, using Angular framework, Firestore database, and Bootstrap CSS Framework, this blog apps comes with two main parts the front end view and the backend dashboard,
so we will develop this Full Fledge Real-world Modern Lookin Angular web app with 3 major steps,
Design Develop and Deploy
Design section,
In this section we will learn how to design a Website idea, into a graphical design using a design tool called Figma, using this tool we will design all the sections and pages of our angular blog site, once it done we will learn to make these graphical designs into a web prototype so then we can get the overall idea off what we are building.
Development stage,
In this Section will learn a to z all the core concepts, features technologies used in Angular from basic to advance, with this will learn,
Components, services, directives, pipes, Angular Forms, routers, Authentication, and so on,
Once we learned all the fundamentals of Angular, will start to build our Final Blog App from scratch, for this will take the advantage of bootstrap CSS framework, so will learn all the fundamentals of Bootstrap as well,
As a backend solution for our Angular app will use Google’s Firebase, as the database will use the Cloud Firestore, as the Cloud Storage will use the Firebase Storage, For Authentications system Will Use the Firebase Authentication, and for the Last Deployment, will use the Firebase Host as our Hosting Space, will learn all about these firebase features from scratch one by one,
Actually, in this course, you will not only learn about Angular, but you will also get an overall idea of how to build a real-world modern App From scratch.
This course is well organized from Basic to advanced topics so anyone can follow up on this course even if you are Beginner.
by the end of this course, if you followed my instructions exactly, you will gain the knowledge and Confidence to build any kind of real-world app on your own from scratch.
and finally, if your get stuck with anything, or if you have any questions, I will be always there for you 🙂
Pay once, benefit a lifetime!
Don’t lose any time, gain an edge and start developing now!
Who this course is for
Developers who want to upgrade their skills and get better job opportunities
Front-end developers who want to stay up-to-date with the latest technology
Back-end developers who want to learn front-end development and become full-stack developers
Hobbyist developers who are passionate about working with new frameworks

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