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Learn Academic Referencing With EndNote Tips From My PhD

Learn Academic Referencing With EndNote Tips From My PhD

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Improve your referencing by learning how to import, cite and manage sources using EndNote, Word, Google and LaTex

What you'll learn
How the referencing system organises the world's knowledge and why you need to understand it
Different referencing styles and how to set them up in EndNote so that you can quickly switch between them
How to use the star rating system in EndNote to dramatically cut down the time you need to organise references
Why students find referencing frustrating and how to become more efficient so that it doesn't affect your writing progress
How to "cite as you write" using the EndNote plugin in Microsoft Word without breaking your writing flow
How my PhD referencing worked in my final report and how you can set up your own referencing
Introduction to referencing with LaTex and how to efficiently import references from EndNote
How to quickly get citations from Google Scholar and use them to create references in EndNote
How the academic referencing system uniquely identifies any published document
How EndNote and Microsoft Word work together to produce a correctly styled reference list and citations
How you should get over a blocker in your degree if you are struggling with referencing
The APA, MLM, Chicago and Harvard referencing styles and the reasons for how the engineering and humanities reference styles differ
The EndNote workspace, preview panes, reference information management, the style manager and the most important menu functions
Main features of the EndNote plugin in Microsoft Word, how it works and how to use it effectively
No course prerequisites but some familiarity with research will be an advantage
"Referencing has always been my waterloo in writing. I purchased my Endnote way back in 2014 but have never used it even once. The reason is that, I am afraid to use it--because I don't understand its mechanics. The commands are so enormous that I always end up in a maze. This course has taught me the simplest and most essential path of using the software and it literally removed my fears. Now I have the confidence to try it again. This is a total refresher! Very useful and I highly recommend this lesson!!!" - Janet E."Some great tips on managing EndNote. Very helpful and definitely worth a look if you are new to referencing." - Leandri K."Excellent delivery. I have another tool in the bag for academic writing. Thanks." - Olugbenga Gbadegesin"Wow, very insightful course. This was everything I need to learn about referencing. I really enjoyed the course" - Sakyiwaa Danso"Just what I was looking for." - Akulina / "the course was really helpful and well described by lecturer." - GentilIn this course I teach you the principles and practices of academic referencing as well as tips and tricks that I learnt from doing my own PhD. Although I struggled with referencing initially, I eventually figured it out and you can benefit from my experience, hopefully much earlier in your degree than me. There's two main sections to this course; in the first section I teach you what you need to know and in the second section I show you what you need to know by walking you through the different tools. I can't promise to make referencing fun and enjoyable but I promise that I've put my knowledge and skills about this topic into this course so that you can get the maximum benefit as well.You will benefit from this course by becoming better at referencing and that will help you successfully complete your degree. Achieve this by completing this course and learning about the following.The EndNote workspace and the key features that you will need to useHow to use Google Scholar to access the citation info for any reference and quickly bring it in to EndNoteThe academic referencing system and how it organises the world's primary knowledge sourceDifferent referencing styles, how and why they differ and how to quickly switch between them using Word and EndNoteHow to manually set up all the reference information you need in EndNoteHow to set up Word so that you can easily cite as you write and automatically add a citation to the reference list at the end of your documentReferencing with LaTex and how you can quickly incorporate EndNote reference informationWhy referencing can be frustrating for students and in some cases cause them to procrastinate or even delay their entire degreeThe EndNote star rating system and why that's a simple but powerful feature that will save you lots of timeHow the citation information contains certain attributes that can be combined to always find the same documentDevelop efficient habits that help you cite and reference using these tools so that you don't break your writing flowThe importance of sorting out your EndNote reference library so that it saves you time when you need itTake advantage of how I learned by working it out, avoid wasting your time but rather learn from what I can teach you in this course.



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