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Kickbox, Muay Thai & Self Defense Training With Punching Bag

Kickbox, Muay Thai & Self Defense Training With Punching Bag

Last updated 10/2021
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Best of Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Boxing, Martial arts, How to learn Self-Defence while burning FAT and getting fit.
What you'll learn
How to learn Self-Defence while burning FAT and getting fit
This program has something for any level learners.
What you will learn;fight stances, How to throw impactful punches, bone breaking kick techniques, elbow and knee strikes
Total of 12 different exercise programs, , basically you will get fit, burn fat and learn how to fight!
This program includes;3 different levels BOXING training ,3 different levels KICKBOXING training, 3 different levels MUAY THAI, 3 different levels KICK training
You will also learn how to become more flexible by STRETCHING training lessons,
If you put the time and effort, it is possible to achieve split legs with these lessons.
As you trainer, I will be available for your questions and I will do my best for you to succeed with your goals!
You don't need any experiments for this program.
Hi everyone, This is Sensei Barbaros, I am a master of 6 different martial systems. My profession is a Kickboxing Personal Trainer. I also teach other types of self-defense systems to my students. If you wish to learn more about me please google my name. (Most of the content you will find are in my native language but some of the videos you will find will give an idea about my skills and competence) I created a heavy bag system for who wants to learn and practice martial arts at home, at the gym, or wherever. I want to be online trainer for you so if you have any questions just ask me. I will answer you as soon as possible.Some of the techniques I teach in my workout course videos are; Kickboxing, Muay Thai, boxing, and some self-defense techniques. This kickboxing training course covers all the best kickboxing techniques and teaches Muay Thai Kickboxing fundamentals. This course will enable you to master Muay Thai Kickboxing.My Udemy Heavy bag system, all workout videos show 3 different levels; For beginners, intermediate and advanced learners. Total of 12 unique lessons.You can choose your workout calendar according to your fitness level.kickboxenkick bokskick box


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