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Justin Saunders – The 6 Figure Boss

Justin Saunders - The 6 Figure Boss | 9.53 GB

How To Start & Automate Your Online Advertising To $10,000/mo

Justin Saunders, Founder of New Age Media. Justin is a digital marketing expert and consultant that focuses on generating leads for chiropractors and doctors, among others. 3 to 4 years ago Justin saw an opportunity to enter the digital marketing space and now he has mentored over 100 entrepreneurs and built a six figure agency.
This is a 8 week program designed to teach you to build a 6 figure SMAA with systems and processes so you never become a slave to your business.
Here's What's Included:
Week 1: The Foundation
Week 2: Mindset
Week 3: Prospecting - Includes Facebook Prospecting, Instagram Prospecting, cold email prospecting, Linkedin etc
Week 4: Sales - Sales Script, objections etc
Week 5: How to Perform - FB ads, Split testing etc
Week 6: Retention
Week 7: Systems and Processes
Week 8:Bonus

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