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Journey Through The Chakras 7 Keys To Kundalini Yoga & Joy

Journey Through The Chakras 7 Keys To Kundalini Yoga & Joy - 10.12 GB

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Language: English | VTT | Size: 10.1 GB | Duration: 10.5 hours

Through Kundalini Yoga and my expert guidance you will clear through the energy blocks in your chakras.

What you'll learn

To get a real felt sense of the chakras within you

This course will lead to a deeper sense of wellbeing, and self knowledge.

It will reveal to you the unlimited potential you have within you for being: rooted, creative, powerful, loving, expressive, intuitive, and ultimately fully self realised.


Wear comfortable, loose clothing - natural fibres like cotton, or hemp are best.

No previous experience necessary, just keep an open mind.

You might want to use a Yoga mat



Updated March 2019: LATEST : now with 13 hours of content, which can be viewed again, and again!

JOIN THE CHAKRA REVOLUTION - it is an inner revolution, spinning your yogic energy centres, so your energy flows perfectly into creating you, and your life, exactly how you want it!

You too can be happy like 3000+ students who have taken the right step and enrolled on this incredible course...

Get ready to really move forward, and live the life you always dreamed of, and were born to live.

Like me, YOU can be who you want to be, have whatever you want to have, do whatever you want to do, whenever you want i.e. be completely FREE!

Right now you have the choice to be able to feel really good about yourself, and your life.

This is all possible by unlocking the ancient secrets of the Chakra energy centers, as taught in Kundalini Yoga, and Ancient Wisdom across the world, through the ages.

After over 16 years of practicing, and teaching Kundalini Yoga, having learnt this sacred art in Anandpur Sahib, Northern India - I can tell you this stuff is amazing.

I also have spent the last 14 years practicing and teaching Kundalini Dance, having learnt this groundbreaking practice in the rainforest outside of Byron Bay, Australia - a powerful, shamanic Journey through the Chakras, and I share the wisdom of how you too, like me can heal, and feel wonderful all the time.

I am completely unique in the world to have mastered these 2 practices, but they complement each-other perfectly. Happiness is about finding balance - Kundalini Yoga is very male, very specific, and goal orientated, whereas Kundalini Dance, and the wisdom I share from this, is very female, creative, intuitive and loving.

I have unlocked the secrets to happy, and successful living, and I am sharing these secrets with you now!...

This is an 8 week Chakra journey, a voyage of discovery within your inner 'seven seas' of knowledge, to finally rediscover the lost magical island of pure being, and unbounded joy.

Week One: Introduction to Kundalini and your 7 Chakras - We are made up of energy vibrating across 7 unique frequencies, just like all of life in the universe.

This is why this is the best, simplest, and most effective system to get you exactly where you want, and need to be - because we literally embody these 7 principles!

Week Two: Base Chakra - Anchor your attention through the sitting bones into the Sacred Earth.

Find your sense of belonging, to feel fully safe and secure no matter what happens.

Reclaim your rightful claim to your beautiful and amazing body.

Week Three: Sacral Chakra- Dive deep into your sexual essence and remember how good it is to feel the sensual nature of your body, and the world around you.

Unlock your unbounded creativity, together with your forgotten gifts, and talents.

Week Four: Solar Plexus Chakra- Reclaim your vital energy to become a powerful magnet to become who you were born to be, and live the life you were born to live.

Week Five: Heart Chakra- Between the pillars of your strong shoulders lies a lost and forgotten island surrounded by a deep ocean of wonderful bliss.

It's time to return to the joy you once had.

You deserve to feel your own soul dancing in the shining light of your conscious attention.

Week Six: Throat Chakra- Everything is communication.

We were born to relate, but communication starts at home.

Learn to really listen to and through your body to a deeper place, an inner knowing, sounding from the lost inner voice.

Week Seven: Third Eye Chakra- Take the mask off, and learn to really see yourself as you truly are, an amazing and unique soul.

Create a vision a thousand miles high, and across the whole world.

Week Eight: Crown Chakra- Coming home to rest in pure awareness, the shining light of divine love.

Life is a blessing, allow your soul to embrace the heart of the Universe.

Don't wait a moment longer - start feeling better, and living fully right now, by enrolling on this unique course...

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Who this course is for:

Yoga students, body workers, dance therapists, spiritual seekers.

No experience or abilities are required, just an open mind and an enthusiasm to discover new ways of being.

Essentially anyone who is genuinely interested in knowing themselves on a deeper level.


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