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Josh Turner – The Appointment Generator 2018

Josh Turner - The Appointment Generator 2018

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Ready to get off of the Cash flow Roller coaster for good?
You Need A Simpler, More Efficient, Way Of Booking Sales Appointments With Your Most Valuable Prospects.

introducing the appointment generator?

The Appointment Generator is a proven system that you can rely on to bring you a GUARANTEED 10+ high-end appointments with your BEST prospects every single month, without any ad spend, creating a mountain of content, or wasting time on overly complex funnels.

This training and coaching program provides step-by-step instruction on everything you need to do to build relationships with high-value, hard-to-reach prospects through intelligent positioning and strategic outreach. All done through social media and email.

Your Mission Should You Choose To Accept It...

Is to work with our team inside The Appointment Generator Training & Coaching Program to generate 10+ high-end appointments with qualified prospects, in the next 60 days, all while building the foundation of your machine that will continue to generate 10-15+ sales appointments per month.... every month.

Take back wasted time, make revenue more predictable, relationships more profitable, processes more repeatable, and influence more widespread.


This system has generated hundreds of millions of dollars in sales for our members and clients in pretty much any industry you can think of. Bottom line, if you sell a product or service to other businesses then you are a perfect fit for this program. But just in case you are still unsure, let's take a closer look...

Is This Program For You? Let's Take A Look.
Who Was The Appointment Generator Built For?

Coaches and consultants are notorious for overthinking their marketing. Spend more time working with your clients and making an impact, without creating a mountain of content, building out complex funnels, or spending a dime on ads.
professional service providers

Ever feel like 99% of the business training you see online is geared for selling an online course? Not this one. This program is designed for the main-street business in mind. Spend more time talking with prospects and less time figuring out complex automation.
digital marketing newbies

Through detailed step-by-step instruction, action plans, and daily activity guides, you'll be able to cut out the learning curve and save yourself wasted time and money.
marketing agencies

This system will allow you to focus on getting results for your clients instead of spending all of your time trying to find your own.
experienced marketing professionals

While our curriculum structure is designed for even the greenest of entrepreneur, this lead generation strategy is perfect for even the most experienced marketers.
frustrated entrepreneurs

If you have ever wasted time creating overly complex funnels that are not right for your business model then this is 100% for you. Cut the fluff and focus on what matters.
Social Media Experts

Grow your brand and social media presence through your authority leadership platform, reach out to your ideal clients, and build media relationships.
affiliate marketers

Build new referral relationships and strategic partnerships through our proven outreach and positioning strategies. More partners = more sales.

Stop relying on referrals and low paying clients who are a pain-in-the-you-know-what to deal with. Get high-paying gigs every month without spending all of your time marketing.
consumer products & Programs

Reach out to distribution networks, big box stores, referral partners, and corperations to get your consumer products, programs, or services in front of millions of potential customers.

let's Look At what you stand to gain here today.
raise your hand if your business would be better off if you...
SIMPLIFY your marketing & lead generation

Avoid wasting time on over-complicated "funnels" and instead focus on a simple, time efficient system that actually gets results.
BuiLD Relationships through trust

Through social media you can scale relationships while maintaining a 1-to-1 personal connection.
Be SElective about who you work with

Hand pick your best, hardest to reach, prospects that you would most like to work with.
Make a bigger impact for your clients

Stop spending all your time just trying to find clients. When you have a reliable and time effective system, you can spend more time helping them and finally make the impact you know is possible.
increase revenue and have predictable cash flow

More sales appointments
+ better prospects
= more cash flow
have more professional and personal freedom

Spend more time and attention on the things you love about your life & business instead of constantly scratching and clawing for your next client.

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