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John Carter – Ultimate Options Trading Blueprint Live

John Carter - Ultimate Options Trading Blueprint Live

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Ultimate Options Trading Blueprint Strategies Course


Half Day Strategies Class PLUS Three Full Days of Live Online Trading Where John will also Share:
Hindsight is always 20/20 - evaluate these setups under live market conditions and learn when to pull the trigger and when to pass

The simple way to identify the exact levels market makers will "defend" and, more importantly, how to tell when they've run out of bullets

The daily routine for filtering out the noise and focusing on the highest probability opportunities

The 5 situations where I'm willing to buy cheap, out of the money options that expire in less than 7 days.

A checklist that makes this setup automatic so you don't have to think about it or even know what you are doing.

Strategies and alerts to identify when a stock is setting up for a big intra-day move.

How to build a watch list of candidates that have the potential to become the next big mover.

Setup real trades that give a trader the best possibility for a spike up in their equity curve in a low risk/high reward scenario

The art of trading in real time in live markets and with his real trading account

How to manage the trade - scale in, scale out, position sizing and more

Trading goals and money management tricks every trader should know (especially for retirement accounts)

How to buy stocks at the best possible price and beat the market maker

You will get an online recording the each day of the course, and DVDs of the course soon after

Ultimate Options Trading Blueprint Strategies Course

In this half day training class John will share:

The 3 most profitable strategies in 2013

The 18 stocks and 6 ETFs that were the most profitable

Learn how to identify and exploit runaway gap moves

Identify the exact levels when a stock will "rip the market makers heads off"

When low liquidity is your absolute best friend

How to structure your wealth building trades so that even when they don't work out, you still make money.

Why people who are creative, intuitive, and emotional make the absolute worst traders - and what you can do to fix that

How to Trade less make, make more money

You will get an online recording the same day as the course, and a DVD of the course soon after


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