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Jimena Cortes – LinkedIn Business Networking Mastery

Jimena Cortes – LinkedIn Business Networking Mastery

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This is your host Derek Gehl, and today were going to be diving deep into LinkedIn marketing and LinkedIn lead generation.
Todays guest is just the LinkedIn expert we need to put you on the right path to leveraging LinkedIn lead generation to grow your business. Shes an online marketing consultant, and author whos been quoted in numerous publications like, Inc and Forbes.
She is the founder of Wizard media, an online marketing agency that helps businesses significantly increase the amount of leads they generate through search engine marketing, and LinkedIn lead generation of course.
Providing an average ROI of 300% which is pretty spectacular. Shes grown her own company primarily through LinkedIn lead generation and has taught thousands of entrepreneurs and businesses worldwide her proven LinkedIn lead generation marketing strategies.
Without further ado, I would like to welcome Jimena Cortes to the show.
Strategic Business Development
As an early age entrepreneur, Jimena learned that the most crucial part of business development and growth is strategic marketing. After learning various facets of online and relationship marketing, from search engine optimization, to paid traffic, webinars, and LinkedIn, Jimena became very proficient at generating leads. However, while that is one of the most important parts of a business, there are many other areas of business that must be systemized and properly implemented for the business to flourish. Overtime, in order to grow her own business, Jimena had to put these systems and team members in place, and now helps client partners grow their companies as well by helping them implement these strategies.
Mastering Sales & Marketing
The art of sales and marketing are the lifeblood of any business. Without a solid revenue generation process, you cannot pay for everything you must have in order to be in business. Without generating leads on a CONSISTENT basis and converting those leads into buyers and repeat buyers, a business cannot survive. Having the right marketing plan in place, implementing it correctly, measuring and tracking your results, and improving over time is a science and a necessity, one that many businesses simply don?t do. This is why Jimena helps her clients craft the right message, put in place the correct strategies, track results and improve based on our numbers. This ensures that the business has the lifeblood it needs.
Infrastructure & Delegation
Once your marketing and sales processes are in place, and you are consistently getting new clients, you must have the right infrastructure and a process of delegation in place to service those clients. Putting the right people in the right positions is imperative to sustaining growth.
Without the right people and processes in place, a business will struggle to keep up with demand, and in turn develop inconsistencies resulting a negative impact on client retention and sustainability. Jimena helps her clients not only generate more leads and sales, but also put the right processes in place to manage phases of growth.

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