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Jeff Miller The Agency Scaling Secrets Trainings And Masterclasses

Jeff Miller The Agency Scaling Secrets Trainings And Masterclasses

What You Get:
Chamber of Commerce Slides
Get table rushed like a pro and present like the expert you want to be
Onboarding Documents
Get your clients spilling the beans and find problems to solve in 15 minutes.
Customer Research That Works
Unlock your lead’s wallets with 5 questions and pre-test your campaigns.
Front Desk Appt Setting Scripts
Get your client’s front desk closing 50% more appointments.
Auto Updating Database
Keep your clients 3x longer and wow them with your dollar driven leads.
Prove Your Leads Are Legit
Keep your clients 75% more often by proving what you’re doing is working.
Jeff & Andrews 2 Hour HBO Special
Get behind the scenes on how we work, get results, and grow.
The 4 #MEC Miami Presentations
Featuring Jeff Miller, Steph Snz, Andrew Kroeze, and Arne Giske
Cold Emailing Masterclasses
The Scripts, Templates, and Tech Setup That’ll Get You 3-5 Appts A week
Martial Arts Masterclass
with Jamie Eldridge
Massage Spa Masterclass
With Steph Snz
Soap Operas Masterclass
With Danny Velez
Med Spa Masterclass
with Kris & Simon
Facebook Bots Masterclass
With Mack
TV Masterclass
With JR Rivas
Restaurant Masterclass
with Matt Plapp
Holiday Ads Masterclass
With Steph
E-Commerce Masterclass
With Robert
VA Masterclass
with Brandon
Its a BOOK
Written By Jeff
SOP & Automation Masterclass
With Ravi Abuvala
Call Close Sales Masterclass
with​ Alex Schlinsky


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