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Jack Bosch – Land Profit Generator 2.0

Jack Bosch - Land Profit Generator 2.0 | 11 GB 

Earn Up to $100, $200 and Even $500 an Hour Flipping Land from Your Laptop. EVEN IF You're Starting Out On a Shoestring Budget. 100% GUARANTEED.
Please Give Me INSTANT ONLINE Access to the Land Profit Generator and over $11,089 worth of bonuses!

Here's what you're getting:
The Land Profit Generator Home Study System PLUS all the Scripts, Letters, Checklists and Paperwork You Need ($4,000 Value) As soon as you login minutes from now, you'll get all 12 of the step-by-step Training Sessions and downloadable workbooks and you will.

Uncover and Find Land And Lot Deals That You Can Almost Steal for Pennies on the dollar. It's typical to get land deals for 5% to 25% Of Market Value and put thousands of profits in your pocket when you flip them within just a few days. You're going to know what types of properties to focus on and the prime areas to target. (Nobody teaches this.) You'll feel like a kid in a candy store as you stare at all the land deals you can go after. (Don't be surprised if your first flip is a $1,000 to $10,000 deal right in your own town.)
You'll get our secret shortcut to finding areas chock full of land deals you can get for sometimes as little as a few hundred bucks (even free). You'll LOVE how soon you can be putting together land deals that may bring in more in one deal than most people earn in a month.
Imagine the freedom and flexibility you have now. Spend more time playing with your kids. Take that vacation. All without stressing over the money. (Your neighbors may even start scratching their heads wondering what the heck you're doing all of a sudden?)

As you load up the next session you may find yourself with a very GOOD PROBLEM. You could very well have more potential deals in your hands than you can handle! Don't worry.
We'll teach you how to separate the "dirt" from the "gold". Our sifting process is just like panning for gold. It's fun! And earning $100 to $500 an hour or more is not uncommon.

As you go deeper into your training, you'll get the exact letters we use every day in reaching out to land owners and sealing deals like clockwork. Just "copy and paste", change a few of your details in the Word docs and use them to land your own deals. And you'll know exactly which letter to use in every potential deal, and why. there's no stone left unturned. (You're getting our 14-year battle-tested, proven to work letters, postcards and templates to send out. With these at your side, you'll be standing in line at the bank cashing your first land flip check faster than you can possibly imagine.)
EXTRA BENEFIT: With these letters you'll NEVER have to make a cold call because people will be calling YOU!



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