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Isotropix Clarisse Builder 5.0 Win

Isotropix Clarisse Builder 5.0 Win

Clarisse BUiLDER is an extremely powerful node-based solution for scalable and interactive scene assembly, lookdev, lighting, rendering and pre-comp – developed for high end, established studios.

Created over four years of R&D, Clarisse BUiLDER is a brand new solution that addresses the complex challenges of today’s high-end VFX and animation studios. It does this by introducing a node-based procedural rendering workflow that allows artists to both macro and micro-manage highly complex constructs containing bazillions of polygons. They can do this at the item level or scale outwards to make sweeping changes at the shot or layer level, all in one viewport that interactively visualizes pre-comped final renders.

Artists are given the power to make deep edits at both the assembly and asset level within a final shot context. That means reduced iteration cycles, lower budgets, and more creativity at the world’s tier-one studios.

Discover a revolutionary pipeline that will change your workflow forever. Meet Clarisse BUiLDER.

Access a superset of Clarisse iFX designed for major studios with complex rendering needs. Clarisse BUiLDER reinforces Clarisse iFX’s solutions with an accessible, node-based scene construction approach. The result is the industry’s deepest lighting, look-dev and rendering tool, marrying technical range with maximum visibility over final render pre- comps.

Access all of Clarisse iFX’s scene authoring tools within BUiLDER’s assembly construction node graph
Interactivity and visibility meets flexibility and scalability
Easy pipeline integration and deep customization

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