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Interior Visualization For Beginners 3Ds Max, Corona, Vray

Interior Visualization For Beginners | 3Ds Max, Corona, Vray

Published 6/2023
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Language: English | Size: 2.95 GB | Duration: 3h 38m

A basic course on interior modeling using reference and visualization in Corona and Vray for beginners

What you'll learn
Basic and advanced modeling techniques in 3ds max
Basic interior lighting skills
Vray Basic Skills
Corona render Basic Skills
Basic Material Setup in Vray
Basic Material Setup in Corona
Using references
3d furniture modelling
3d modeling of decor

Knowledge of 3ds max is not needed
3ds max installed from the official site. Trial version is possible.
Corona render or Vray installed from the official site. Trial version is possible.

If you are new to 3ds max and want to learn how to create realistic renderings of interiors, then this course is for you.In this course we use the technique of creating interiors using photo-references. This means that you will be able to use this knowledge in other projects, and quickly create your first portfolio which is sometimes a problem for beginner 3D artists.If you are an experienced 3D artist, you can expand your portfolio with a new realistic work.In this course I have gathered the basic ways and techniques of modeling interior objects.We will build with you an interior walls, create furniture and decor elements, set up realistic light, set up realistic materials, and then do basic post-processing exclusively with the built-in methods of the software.Course includes:- interior modelling- curtain modeling- Modeling table, chairs- modeling lamp, paintings, baseboard, carpet- lighting design in Corona and Vray. You can choose the render-engine, which you prefer- Materials setup in two render engines- Color correction with VFB built-in tools. Photoshop no needed.This course will be a great solution for the novice 3D artist, architect or interior designer in mastering 3ds max and the most popular render engines: Corona and Vray.

Section 1: Interior for beginners

Lecture 1 Walls modeling using reference

Lecture 2 Window modeling

Lecture 3 Ceiling Lamp

Lecture 4 Skirting board

Lecture 5 Curtains modeling using cloth modifier

Lecture 6 Decorative Vases modeling

Lecture 7 Chair modeling

Lecture 8 Light setup in Corona and Vray

Lecture 9 Corona materials setup

Lecture 10 Vray materials setup

Lecture 11 Corona rendering and VFB post-production

Lecture 12 Vray rendering and VFB post-production

Interior designers,Beginner 3D artists,Architects,Architectural students


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