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Html5 & Css3 Site Design

Html5 & Css3 Site Design

Last updated 8/2020
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Language: English | Size: 1.21 GB | Duration: 6h 11m

Take the confusion and murkiness out of the fundamentals!
What you'll learn
Gain valuable skills, develop web projects, and push your career forward!
Basic computer skills
Need to learn how to build a website, or brush up on your coding skills to enhance an existing site? This course will show you, step-by-step, how to set up a web site from scratch and tips and tricks of the trade to make your site more attractive and user-friendly. From what tools you need to build your site and creating and formatting pages, to what to test and look for before your site goes live, award-winning trainer Geoff Blake gives detailed and valuable information that will help you to master HTML coding skills. Geoff's casual tone, real world examples, and the follow-along video make this course as entertaining as it is informative.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Welcome to HTML5 & CSS3!
Lecture 2 A Look At What We'll Build
Section 2: Let's Get Started!
Lecture 3 Programs I'll Be Using
Lecture 4 In The Beginning.HTML Fundamentals
Lecture 5 Understanding What CSS is All About
Lecture 6 Viewing A Page's Background Code
Section 3: Gettin' Your Files Organized!
Lecture 7 Organizing Site Files
Lecture 8 Creating A Page and Understanding Index Files
Lecture 9 Setting Up An External Style Sheet
Section 4: Doin' Nuthin'? Let's Build A Web Layout From Scratch!
Lecture 10 Setting Up The Page Structure
Lecture 11 Connecting the External Style Sheet and Testing
Lecture 12 Inserting and Formatting the Site Header
Lecture 13 Finishing Up The Basic Layout
Lecture 14 Debugging for Internet Explorer
Lecture 15 Understanding How the Layout Works
Lecture 16 Using Divs for Page Layout
Lecture 17 A More Economical Approach to Layout and CSS
Lecture 18 Using Float And Clear
Lecture 19 Centering the Layout
Lecture 20 Nesting Layout Objects
Lecture 21 Spacing Apart the Layout
Lecture 22 Final Touches
Section 5: Insertin' And Formattin' Text!
Lecture 23 Inserting Text Into the Layout
Lecture 24 Setting Up Paragraphs and Headings
Lecture 25 Adjusting the Layout For Text, Part 1
Lecture 26 Adjusting the Layout For Text, Part 2
Lecture 27 Formatting HTML Headings with CSS
Lecture 28 Formatting Paragraphs
Lecture 29 Using Class Rules to Format Text
Lecture 30 More Formatting with Class Rules
Lecture 31 Working More Efficiently with CSS
Lecture 32 Inserting and Formatting Lists
Lecture 33 Using A List to Build The Main Navigation Menu
Lecture 34 Setting Up the Footer Navigation
Section 6: Now It's Time For Some Graphics!
Lecture 35 Inserting an Image
Lecture 36 Resizing Images with your Graphics Editor
Lecture 37 Controlling Graphics with CSS
Lecture 38 Inserting the FeatureBox Images
Lecture 39 Adjusting the FeatureBox Layout
Lecture 40 Setting Up the FeatureBox Titles
Lecture 41 Illustrator, Photoshop, HTML, and CSS Workflow
Section 7: Site Rollout: From A Single Page To A Multi-Page Site!
Lecture 42 Getting Ready for Site Rollout
Lecture 43 How to Not Roll Out A Website
Lecture 44 Rollout Part 1: Setting Internal Hyperlinks
Lecture 45 Rollout Part 2: Creating The Site's Pages
Lecture 46 Previewing And Testing The Site
Lecture 47 A Final Thought on Site Rollout
Section 8: Inserting Additional Page Elements!
Lecture 48 Adjusting the Site's Hyperlink Formatting
Lecture 49 Inserting A Simple Slideshow
Lecture 50 Inserting and Formatting Tables
Lecture 51 Inserting A Google Map
Lecture 52 Formatting A Customer Testimonial Page
Lecture 53 Setting Up A Contact Us Page
Lecture 54 Finalizing the Site
Lecture 55 Organizing the CSS File
Section 9: Going Live: Uploading the Completed Site!
Lecture 56 Setting the Remote Site Info
Lecture 57 Uploading the Local Site to the Remote Server
Lecture 58 Testing the Live Site
Lecture 59 Making Edits and Updating the Live Site
Lecture 60 Testing And Debugging For Other Browsers
Section 10: Wrapping Up HTML5 & CSS3
Lecture 61 Where to Go from Here
Section 11: Bonus Material
Lecture 62 Bonus Lecture
Those looking to build a strong foundation in web design, HTML, and CSS

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