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How To Write A White Paper In One Day

How To Write A White Paper In One Day

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A white paper course designed for busy professionals.

What you’ll learn
How to write the first draft of a 2000 word white paper in a single day.
Be able to write a basic business letter.
How To Write A White Paper In One Day is the compressed video course that will teach you everything you need to know to write (and even design) a 2,000 word white paper, completing your first draft in a single day.After watching one lesson a day for one week, you’ll know:What a white paper is (and even more important what it isn’t).How to make yours compelling from the first second your reader sees the title. How to structure your argument so they read it through to the end.How to write your first draft using my step-by-step White Paper In A Day Template.How to edit your copy like a pro.How to distribute your white paper for maximum exposure.Created By A Veteran Copywriter (Me!)My name is Brian Boys and I’d been successfully writing advertising and marketing copy for 20 years before I was asked to work on a white paper.I knew less about them than you do now.So I read everything I could find about white papers. I compiled lists of tips and techniques offered by copywriters who specialize in white papers. Every day I would go hunting online for the best examples.And, using the most effective ones I could find, I created a point-by-point outline of an ideal white paper argument–a copywriter’s blueprint I could use to write my own.What I Learned About Writing White PapersAlong the way I discovered that the toughest part about writing the white papers isn’t the actual writing. It’s the structure. Where do you start? What do you say to hook your reader? How do you take them on a logical path to your conclusion?So from my outline I created the White Paper In A Day Template–the fill-in-the-blanks pattern we’ll use for this course.The reason you’d pay a copywriter like me $2,000-$4,000 to write your white paper for you is that it takes a lot of time to comb through your research and figure out how to turn it into a coherent argument from beginning to end.Surprisingly, I gured out that if you ip the process around, you save a ton of time and your white paper can be even more compelling.You get all this and more in a course designed for experienced professionals with basic business writing skills.“But,” you say, “I have NO time to take a long course.” No problem.Let’s Do Lunch For A WeekHow To Write A White Paper In One Day is divided into seven video sessions, averaging about 20 minutes long. Each lesson comes with a print-out that includes a Quick Quiz (to make sure you’re awake) as well as other resources.Most importantly, you get several versions of my White Paper In A Day Template to make it easy to get the big picture and then create a more detailed plan of what your white paper is going to say.Just watch one lesson a day for a week. And by the time you’re tired of looking at my face on video you’ll be ready to start your white paper.



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