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How To Start A Blog The Complete Beginner’S Guide

How To Start A Blog The Complete Beginner'S Guide

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How To Start a Blog From Scratch?

What you'll learn
Understand Your "WHY" To Make Money Online.
How To Choose Perfect Niche To Make Money.
If Your Niche Is: XXXXX. Develop the Mindset of what to write for the Blog Post.
How to write a Blog post effectiely. Best Ways To Generate Ideas for the Blog Content.
Keyword Research From scratch. What-Why-How To Do Keyword Research?
How To Find Keyword Ideas. Identify 'seed' Keywords. Bunch of Free & Paid Tools For Keyword Ideas. How to Look at keywords of your competitors are ranking for.
How To Apply SEO For The Blog. (No one tells like this). Types of SEO - 1. On-Page SEO 2. Off-Page SEO 3. Technical SEO
What Is On-Page SEO? What are the on-page SEO ranking factors that I should focus on? Advanced On-Page SEO Tips.
What Is Off-Page SEO? Why Off-Page SEO Matters? Best Off-Page SEO Techniques. What are the best ways to gain high-quality links foryour website?
Most effective link-building Techniques. Bonus Off-Page SEO Techniques.
What Is Technical SEO and How Does It Work? What Is the Importance of Technical SEO? Technical SEO Best Practices. Technical Vs. On-Page Vs. Off-Page SEO
Best Blog Hosting Providers (Affordable and Fast Hosting). What are the Things you should Know in Webhosting?
How to Build a Blog? What are the requirements for starting a blog? Choosing the perfect domain name, WHY it Matters?
What Is a ContentManagement System (CMS)? Which is the Best CMSPlatform? How to start & setup a WordPress Blog on Bluehost.
Essential Things You Should Do After Launching Your Blog. CRAWLING,RENDERING, AND INDEXING. Setting Up Google Analytics, Checking Site's Speed Etc.,
How-to-promote-your-blog? Optimizing blog for search engines. Social Media Marketing, Relationship Marketing etc., Bonus Miscellaneous Ways To Get Traffic.
How to Make Money From Blogging? 22 Best Blog Monetization Methods.
No Prior Knowledge is required. This tutorial will take care of EVERYTHING from scratch. All you need is Dedicated Business Man Brain. (COMMITMENT)
Entire attention is required throught out the course from start to end.
How To Start a Blog From Scratch?Chapter 1: UNDERSTAND YOUR "WHY" TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE.Various persons have various situations, or various thoughts to start blogging. Whether you want to create your own brand, or simply to express your thoughts, or to share your skill for who wants to learn, or disliking current job, or need passive income, or wants to try a new thing, etc. like this everyone has their own reasons. Most bloggers are motivated by a desire to share their knowledge, expertise, and insider information on a topic. Passion, on the other hand, isn't enough to pay the bills.What happens if an article gets popular on Pinterest, Facebook and you receive a lot of traffic if you don't have a strategy behind it? You might get a few more email subscribers or readers, but your bank account won't notice. That's why you need the hottest point to succeed in blogging and to keep you on fire and make money from it.Chapter 2: HOW TO CHOOSE PERFECT NICHE TO MAKE MONEY.What is a Blog Niche?and How to choose a Blog Topic?Chapter 3: IF YOUR NICHE IS Gardening.For example, you selected the niche. But you don't know what to write. This chapter will help you how to develop the content.Chapter 4: HOW TO WRITE A BLOG POST? What is a blog post?You will never get run out of ideas for writing blog posts. Chapter 5: KEYWORD RESEARCH.WHAT, WHY, and HOW to do keyword research?HOW TO FIND KEYWORD IDEAS?Identifying 'seed' keywords.Use Free & Paid Tools for Keyword ideas.Look at the keywords that your competitors are ranking for.Research your niche.Chapter 6: How to APPLY SEO for the blog post.What Is Blog SEO?FACTORS TO BE CONSIDERED FOR SEOTYPES OF SEO1. On-Page SEO 2. Off-Page SEO3. Technical SEOIn On-Page SEO,What Is On-Page SEO?What are the on-page SEO ranking factors that I should focus on?Advanced On-Page SEO Tips.In Off-Page SEO,What Is Off-Page SEO?Why Off-Page SEO Matters?Best Off-Page SEO Techniques.Types of Off-Page SEO Links.What are the best ways to gain high-quality links for your website?Most effective link-building techniques.Bonus Off-Page SEO Techniques.In Technical SEO,What Is Technical SEO and How Does It Work?What Is the Importance of Technical SEO?Technical SEO Best Practices.Technical Vs. On-Page Vs. Off-Page SEO: What's The Difference?Chapter 7:Best Blog Hosting Providers (Affordable and Fast Hosting)THINGS TO KNOW IN WEB HOSTING:What is web hosting?How does web hosting work?What are the types of Webhosting?Which web hosting is best?What is bandwidth in Webhosting?What are the main differences between shared hosting and VPS?What kind of hosting do I need?What is an SSL certificate?Can I buy hosting without a domain name?Can I upgrade my hosting plan as my website grows?Does My Hosting Choice Depend on my computer's OS (MAC, WINDOWS, LINUX)?Chapter 8: HOW TO BUILD A BLOG? Developing the mindset of a successful blogger.What are the requirements for starting a blog?Choosing the perfect domain name, WHY it Matters?What Is a Content Management System (CMS)?Which is the Best CMS Platform?How to start & setup a WordPress blog on Bluehost.Best FAQs like:Where can I get free images for my blog?How many images should be in a blog post?How is the blog post responsive to all types of devices? (Desktop, mobile, tablet) and many more...Chapter 9:Essential Things You Should Do After Launching Your Blog.CRAWLING, RENDERING, AND INDEXING (Submitting Websites To Search Engines).Check Your Site's Speed.Establish a Strong Social Media Presence.Repurpose Into Other Formats.Chapter 10:CAMPAIGNING (How-to-promote-your-blog).Optimize your blog for search engines.Bonus miscellaneous ways to get traffic.Chapter 11:HOW TO MAKE MONEY FROM BLOGGING.22 Best Blog Monetization Methods.
Section 1: How To Start a Blog From Scratch?
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 How To Choose Perfect Niche To Make Money
Lecture 3 IF YOUR NICHE IS Gardening.
Lecture 4 What is a blog post? How to write a blog post?
Lecture 5 Keyword Research
This course is developed for who wants to start a blog from scratch, and who wants to taste the success in blogging.



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